Developments - November/December 2018 - 28


Data is the Haystack;
Relevant Information
is the Needle
Get actionable business intelligence when you need it-
without clutter or complexity

Jon Catlin is the CIO at Concord Loan Servicing. He
directs the development of leading-edge technology
to create fully customized, easily scalable, and
user-friendly systems. These systems drive business
intelligence, workflow, security, compliance, and
organizational processes-supported by best-in-class
customer service at all levels of the company. His email


n vacation ownership as elsewhere,
access to all the information in the
world is worthless without the ability
to customize and curate it precisely to
your pinpoint need and confirm its veracity.
Then, use it to impact decisions and actions
in an agile way.
While some of those needs relate to standardized and predictable processes, others
will evolve in the course of business growth/
opportunities or emerge unexpectedly (e.g.,

28 -	Developments

a massive hurricane adversely affecting
borrower ability to pay obligations in a
timely fashion).
In the hurricane case, your company should
have internal, user-friendly tools to rapidly
communicate with the impacted population;
and establish a plan that shows sensitivity
to their plight. You shouldn't have to move
heaven and earth to get this done (e.g., having
to consult third-party IT). Make this type of
ability part of everyday business.


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