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(Continued from page 1) FROM THE PRESIDENT

(Continued from page 1) FROM THE PRESIDENT

communicated both in the sermon given Monday morning and in Hara's tremendous vision statement
for our future (the text of each can be found at". Additionally, this year's
convention business session included a first read of a CCAR Constitutional Amendment regarding
off-site participation-see full text of the resolution below-to be voted on next year in Baltimore.
If passed, this amendment will allow members not physically present at a convention to participate
technologically in any discussions and/or voting that occur during a business session and thus help
to ensure that all CCAR members will have a voice in significant decisions that impact the direction
of our Conference and the rabbinates of our members. And finally, as has been the case for several
years, there are recordings of several impactful programs and presentations during the convention
now available online for everyone's benefit and enjoyment. You can find these recordings at ccarnet.
In the Mishneh Torah, we are reminded that it was not the reports of miracles performed that was
ultimately the source of the Israelites' faith. "It was in being present at Sinai, for our own eyes saw,
and not through a stranger's; and our own ears heard, and not that of another-the flame, the
thunder and lightning" (Yesodei HaTorah 8:1). We understand the importance of ensuring that
all our colleagues have the ability to see and hear the important work of the Conference, and we
are committed to finding ever new ways to ensure ever increasing proximity to your CCAR and
to one another.

(Read at the CCAR 2019 Convention; to be voted upon at the 2020 Convention)
Whereas, the CCAR is a membership association that has since 1889 conducted business at
Annual Conventions with the direct participation of those in physical attendance;
Whereas, the CCAR today includes 2100 rabbis who lead the Jewish community in a variety of
settings, including congregations, hospitals, military, Hillels, universities, day schools, summer
camps, and other community settings throughout the world; and
Whereas, advances in technology now permit meaningful remote participation in meetings;
Whereas, the CCAR desires to utilize that technology to welcome the participation of those
members who, for whatever reasons, are not physically on-site at such times during conventions
and elsewhere;
Therefore, the Constitution of the CCAR is hereby amended by inserting the following as a new
Article X after Article IX - Regions, and renumbering existing Article X - Amendments as
Article XI - Amendments.

Optimism also fills me when I think of our next
chief executive, Rabbi Hara Person. Hara brings
to her leadership a native intelligence, sense
of humor, creativity, artistic sensitivity, business
acumen, the capacity to communicate and
engage, and her rootedness and commitment to
the study and living of Torah. Hara is indeed the
right person to lead the CCAR and all of us into
the next era of rabbinic life and leadership.
Above all, I am filled with great appreciation.
I am grateful to all of you.
To the members who supported and challenged
me every day: Thank you.
To the leadership who stepped forward, be it on
our Board of Trustees, as committee or task force
chairs, or working quietly as volunteers, mentors,
editors and writers, fundraisers, donors, and
more: Thank you.
To the special CCAR presidents with whom I
have been privileged to partner in leading our
Conference and our Movement: Thank you.
And to the people who have chosen to be part
of the staff of the CCAR: Thank you again and
again. At this moment of transition-as we begin,
as Jews, a new spring and a new year-may
we all pledge to support Hara and the rest of
her staff with patience, kindness, honesty, and
our continuing commitment to the future of the
Reform rabbinate.
Thank you.

CONSTITUTION ARTICLE X - Off-site Participation
Section 1. Any member not physically present at a convention may participate in any convention
business meeting through a technological platform, chosen and utilized as set forth below, so
that the CCAR may register the off-site member's intended participation suitably in advance of the
event, and, during the meeting, the off-site member may participate in real time, including
participation in discussions and voting.
Section 2. The Board of Trustees is hereby authorized and directed to promulgate rules and
regulations to implement this Article. The Board of Trustees is further directed to fund an
appropriate technological platform for such off-site participation.

MARCH 22-25

The Rules and Regulations shall among other things, require that the off-site member participate
actively in real time and provide appropriate time frames for such active participation, including
giving notification sufficiently in advance of the time of the business meeting and meeting agendas.
Section 3. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Constitution or By-Laws: any
expression in the Constitution or By-Laws of a member being "at" or "attending" a convention
shall be interpreted to include any off-site member participating in any business meeting
according to the rules and regulations that the Board of Trustees promulgates for such
participation; and any member who is properly registered for off-site participation shall be
deemed to be registered "at" a meeting or convention during that participation. Without
limitation, this Section 3 shall apply to elections held under Constitution Article VI, Section 3,
constitutional amendments introduced under Article XI (formerly Article X), Section 1,
and quorums defined in By-Laws Article X.



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