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ideas, to talk together about art and faith and hope, to immerse deeply into the complexity of today's Israel,
to help each other open up our hearts to difficult concepts, to better get to know our counterparts in the
Israeli Reform Movement, to sing together and pray together, and to care for each other-what could be
better? This is the CCAR of malah-the CCAR of our highest aspirations. What a privilege it was to be part
of this journey.
And please consider joining me on the 2021 CCAR Israel trip, which will be an interfaith trip, an
opportunity for rabbis and their local clergy partners to experience Israel together and bring the experience
back to their home communities.
Wishing you a freilach Purim and a joyous Pesach.

MARCH 2020

(212) 542-8784
Please note that the most current information about placement opportunities is available on the
CCAR website at on the password-protected Placement web pages.
These pages are updated regularly.

SHOSHANAH CONOVER, Temple Sholom of Chicago, Chicago, IL, Senior Rabbi
DARRYL CRYSTAL, Temple Sinai, Pittsburgh, PA, Interim Rabbi
MARC DISICK, Temple Rodeph Torah, Marlboro, NJ, Interim Rabbi
ERIN GLAZER, Temple Sinai, Summit, NJ, Senior Rabbi
JEREMY MORRISON, Congregation Beth Am, Los Altos Hills, CA, Senior Rabbi
SHARON SOBEL, AIPAC, Boston, MA, New England Synagogue Initiative Director
HOWARD STEIN, Temple B'nai Israel, White Oaks, PA, Rabbi (Part-time)
DAVID WIDZER, Temple B'nai Shalom, Fairfax Station, VA, Senior Rabbi
DAVID WILFOND, Temple Shaaray Tefila of Westchester, Bedford Corners, NY, Senior Rabbi

While I adore doing stand-up, it took me a few
years to finally understand and articulate just how
it all fit into an accidental turn that followed 14
years serving congregations. Now, as I end each
show, I explain, seriously, that there are many ways
to function as a rabbi. Mine is by making people
laugh. The example I use is the story of Elijah and
a friend standing in the marketplace, where Elijah
points to two men and explains, "They have a
share in the world-to-come. It's because they are
comedians. When people are sad, they cheer them,
and when people are angry with one another, they
make peace between them."
I'm convinced that laughter is not simply diversion.
There's a holiness to it. As Maya Angelou points
out, "People will forget what you say, and forget
what you do, but they never forget how you make
them feel." The highest moment of now nearly 30
years performing came after a show, when I was
approached by a woman who I knew was dying of
cancer. "You know," she said, "For an hour and a
half ... I forgot I was sick."
That's my rabbinate. I'm enormously fortunate.
Bob Alper, Cincinnati '72, served congregations
in Buffalo and Philadelphia, and since 1986 has
been a full-time stand-up comic, performing across
North America, Europe and Israel.
The Community Rabbi column is managed by Eric
Weiss. If you are interested in writing a future column,
please contact him at

Yasher Koach to the inaugural recipients of the Hakarat HaTov award, given to rabbis who work on behalf
of CCAR with particular devotion and distinction. The award will be presented during the Convention
opening dinner on Sunday, March 22. The 2020 award recipients are our current and past convention
chairs, whose dedicated leadership has made for a richer and deeper annual convention:
* Alexandria Shuval-Weiner (Convention Chair 2020)
* Richard Kellner (Convention Chair 2019)
* Daniel Septimus (Convention Chair 2018)
* Wendi Geffen (Convention Chair 2017)
* Janet Liss (Convention Chair 2016)
Please join us in thanking these colleagues with a contribution in their honor at Support of Hakarat HaTov honorees will
be acknowledged in a virtual tribute book on screens during the opening dinner and shared after the
award presentation.

We are excited to announce our newest certificates:
Recognizing Teachers
Recognizing Youth Leadership
Recognizing Volunteers
Recognizing Board Members
Certification for Adult T'vilah
Reaching a New Phase in Life
Child Conversion
Significant Anniversary
Many are available in
three versions:
female, male,
or non-gender-specific.
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CCAR Newsletter March/April 2020

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