CCAR Newsletter January/February 2021 - 7

What a strange and unprecedented year this has been
for all of us. NAORRR, like the CCAR, has faced up to
the challenges that have arisen. Prior to this pandemic,
NAORRR's reality was a yearly convention, held in
January in the warmer parts of the country, that gave us
" old-timers " the opportunity to congregate and celebrate
with our beloved classmates and colleagues. Chevruta
was the driving force that kept members coming back
each year. With the cloud of COVID-19 hanging
over us, NAORRR needed to change, and we rose to
the challenge with " NAORRR Re-Imagined. " Our
physical embrace of one another no longer possible, we
morphed into an online experience, not for just a few
days in January, but for a couple of times each month.
What many skeptics feared would be a total loss of our
identity turned out to be a wonderful coming together
of minds and hearts through energized Zoom programs
that have not only maintained our core but have led to
more people taking part in our unique community of
retired rabbis and spouses.
In August, we followed CCAR's Task Force on
Emeritus-Successor Relations webinar with our own,
focusing our thoughts and observations on retirement,
and were able to add to the Task Force's understanding
of this critical transition. Our in-person conventions
always provided a forum for our own members to share
their expertise through workshops, and we continued
these meaningful sessions online. Michael Zedek
presented a challenging program on spirituality prior
to the High Holy Days, and our resident racontreuse,
Diane Steinbrink, treated us to the life and works
of playwright Terrence McNally. Another workshop
favorite, Rifat Sonsino, shared his knowledge of
Chanukah within the Sephardic tradition. Prior to
the national election, we held an important webinar
entitled " Jewish Values, Social Justice and the Election "
with special guests Jonah Pesner and David Saperstein,
moderated by our member Henry Karp. And we held a
beit midrash text study on the apikores led by member
Ari Cartun.
That brought us to January. In the absence of our
traditional convention, we devised a " Mini-Convention "
online over three days, where we honored our 50thyear ordination class, we prayed together in a Thursday
Shacharit service and a Havdallah service, with thanks
to Marty Lawson, Bob Orkand, Alvin Sugarman, Steve
Einstein, and special guest Julie Silver. We were treated
to two lectures by our scholar-in-residence, Dr. David
Ellenson. And we elected new officers, welcoming
Sheldon Harr as our new president and offering grateful
thanks to outgoing President Howard Kosovske.
In the months ahead we will have two sessions with Dr.
Andrew Rehfeld, a session with David Bernstein, the
executive director of the Jewish Council on Public Affairs,
on the state of Black-Jewish relations, and a program
focused on Israel featuring Eric Yoffie and an Israeli
journalist. And there will be more workshops and more
webinars, making a very full calendar! So, if you're age
60 or older and not yet part of our wonderful chevra, we
hope you'll join. Visit us at

As we begin a new year we would like to recognize and thank all of the committee members who
work hand in hand with our development staff. Your collective efforts help to ensure the future
success of the Conference and our members. We are grateful for your support and your commitment.

Rabbi Jeff Brown, Chair

Rabbi Neil Hirsch

Rabbi Jason Rosenberg

Rabbi Mona Alfi

Rabbi Yoel Kahn

Rabbi Andrew Rosenkranz

Rabbi Erica Asch

Rabbi Lewis Kamrass

Rabbi Ron Segal

Rabbi Lisa Bellows

Rabbi Stephanie Kramer

Rabbi Randy Sheinberg

Rabbi Barry Block

Rabbi Seth Limmer

Rabbi Judith Siegal

Rabbi Jeff Brown

Rabbi John Linder

Rabbi Yael Splansky

Rabbi Karen Citrin

Rabbi David Lyon

Rabbi Andrea Steinberger

Rabbi Julian Cook

Rabbi Michelle Pearlman

Rabbi David Stern

Rabbi Nicole DeBlosi

Rabbi Michael Pincus

Rabbi Frank Waldorf

Rabbi Carla Fenves

Rabbi Yair Robinson

Rabbi Stephen Wise

Rabbi Arnold Gluck

Rabbi Brigitte Rosenberg

Rabbi Ruth Zlotnick

Rabbi Fred Reiner, Chair
Committee Members

Rabbi Denise Eger

Rabbi Sally J. Priesand

Rabbi Ilana Baden

Rabbi Steven A. Fox

Roberta Scharf

Rabbi Ellen Weinberg Dreyfus

Rabbi Martin S. Lawson

Rabbi Martin Weiner

Rabbi David Lyon, VP of Finance and Development
Committee Members
Rabbi Diana Fersko
Rabbi Fred Reiner
Rabbi Barry Block

Rabbi Samuel Gordon

Rabbi W. Jack Romberg

Rabbi Jeffrey Brown

Rabbi Lewis Kamrass

Rabbi Ron Segal

Rabbi Andrew Busch

Rabbi Stephen Pearce

Rabbi David Stern

Rabbi Barry Block, Co-chair
Merle Weiner, Co-chair

We honor the memories of the following members of the Atid Legacy Society whose
gifts were generously fulfilled by their families at the end of 2020.
Rabbi Samuel Karff ‫ז״ל‬
Rabbi Dr. A. Stanley and Marianne Dreyfus ‫ז״ל‬
Welcome to our newest Atid Legacy Society Members
We are pleased to honor and thank those who have expressed foresight, passion, purpose, and
commitment to our future through their gift. The following is a list of individuals who have
recently notified us they have included us in their planned giving.
Rabbi Erica Seager Asch
Rabbi Ilana and Jeffrey Baden
Rabbi Donald Goor

Julian and Susie Cook
Co-Executive Vice Presidents

Rabbis Nancy Kasten
and David Stern
Rabbi Seth Limmer
Rabbi David and Lisa Lyon

Rabbi Ron and Jill Segal
Rabbi Kenneth and Sandra Segel
Rabbi Richard Steinberg


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CCAR Newsletter January/February 2021

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