CCAR Newsletter July/August 2021 - 6

The Central Address for Continuing Education for All Reform Rabbis
Watch for details about special opportunities during the month of Elul, including:
* Sermons for the Holiest Days of the Year
* Speaking about Today's Critical Issues,
co-sponsored with the Religious Action Center
* What Can I Say about Israel? Navigating
Conflict and Complexity, co-sponsored
with ARZA
Alcoholism and Addiction Response and
Recovery Support
Andrea Cosnowsky (630-981-4225) is available to
provide support to colleagues and members of their
family who are dealing with addiction, along with
resources for rabbis looking to support others. Andrea
can be reached at
Rapid Response
Rapid Response is available to help you at that
moment when you feel you are facing a crisis and
have nowhere to turn. There are three colleagues
available to help.
Edie Meyerson (917-747-5432): Edie has a doctorate
from HUC-JIR in pastoral counseling and is
the associate director of Pastoral Counseling and
Bereavement Services in the Hertzberg Palliative Care
Institute at Mount Sinai.
Pearl Barlev (310-880-5849): Pearl is a boardcertified
chaplain and the former Jewish chaplain and
interfaith psychiatric chaplain for UCLA Health. She
currently serves as a consultant and on-call rabbi/
chaplain at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center
and Santa Monica UCLA Hospital.
Charles P. ( " Charlie " ) Rabinowitz (914-834-2880
or 914-844-8368) is a rabbinic bereavement and
pastoral counselor. Charlie works for Caring Hospice
of New York, where he provides home hospice and
palliative care services to patients and families.
I thought I would take a moment to reflect
with you about this column. Community-based
rabbis compose about 30 percent of CCAR
membership. Just as other parts of our newsletter
provide important information to share among
us, we would like this one to reflect our diversity,
educate those who are not community-based,
and give voice to the specific ways a communitybased
colleague works. Serving the entirety of
Sharing Our Lives
Sharing Our Lives strengthens our connections
by letting us know if colleagues have celebrated a
simchah or experienced a loss, providing us with the
opportunity to rejoice and mourn together. Email
important events to
Short-Term Counseling
and Marital and Family Support
Don Rossoff, (224-330-8604)
Don has over 35 years of experience as a
congregational rabbi. He has served as an interim
rabbi and mentored rabbis at many stages of
rabbinic life. He is currently serving as a clinical
intern in marriage and family therapy.
Short-Term Counseling
and Spiritual Direction
Rex D. Perlmeter, LMSW,
Rex has many years of experience as a congregational
rabbi and served as a URJ regional director. He is
a trained spiritual director and a licensed master
social worker.
Don and Rex are available for a limited number
of sessions (free of charge) for rabbis and family
members who are facing personal or professional
issues such as transition, loss, illness, or struggles with
difficult individuals.
* Seeking news about colleagues and their families?
You may find the listing of such information in the
CCAR Newsletter, at CCAR's Facebook page, and at
the CCAR website.
* Looking to learn from colleagues who have prevailed
over a physical or mental illness or other personal
hardship such as divorce? Contact
* Interested in talking about transitions? Contracts?
Difficult issues? Contact Cindy Enger at cenger@
* Wish to assist colleagues or spouses of deceased
rabbis in emergency circumstances? Make a
contribution to the Hesed Fund and/or the Mitzvah
Fund at
* Want to discuss topics with colleagues or query
them? Check out CCAR's Facebook page, RavKav,
and RavBlog.
Please know that all conversations with a colleague
through any of these support opportunities will
be completely confidential, unless you disclose
communications of imminent danger to yourself or
others, or of harm to minors or incapacitated persons.
No ethical violations will be reported, though each of
us is encouraged to self-report a direct breach of the
CCAR Ethics Code.
* An Azkarah Ritual: Remembering and Reflecting
on the Losses of the Past Year, led by the Bay Area
Jewish Healing Center
* Finding God's Presence in Our Everyday Lives,
a conversation with the editors and some authors
of the upcoming book, Because My Soul Longs
for You: Integrating Theology into Our Lives
* Viewing the text of the Akeidah from four
different perspectives, one each week of Elul
The month of Cheshvan will again bring us
time to reflect on the High Holy Days,
immerse ourselves in torah lishmah, and enjoy
some creative inspirational interludes.
the Congregation of Israel takes us all into many
settings. We all know our Jewish community
is changing. From the academic setting to the
singular entrepreneurial effort, this change invites
us to serve creatively across the national and
international landscape. Please consider adding
your voice. You can use this column to express
a viewpoint that derives from your community
experience, reflect on what you do day to day, or
talk about what brought you to your particular
service, ways you create collegiality in your setting,
challenges that are unique to the communitybased
rabbinate, or any other expression you
think is worthy of our membership forum.
Please feel free to contact me at all look forward to
hearing from you!

CCAR Newsletter July/August 2021

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