CCAR January 2012 Newsletter - 2

Highlights of CCAR Lifelong Learning 5772
Learning Opportunities for all Reform Rabbis Community-Based or Congregational • Part-Time • Portfolio • Full-Time • Retired

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Fundraising for Rabbis: Shekels—Creating a Giving Culture for Synagogues and the Jewish Community with David Altshuler, Steven Fox, and Michael Marmur Monday-Tuesday, February 6-7, 2012 Atlanta, GA

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First 100 Days: For Every Rabbi in Job Transition with Nina Coil, Steven Fox, and Deborah Prinz Tuesday-Wednesday, May 29-30, 2012 New York City, NY

Acquire skills for fundraising, planned giving, the art of the “ask”, major gifts, board development, and annual campaigns.
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Start strong in your new rabbinic position. Explore various approaches and techniques for entry level planning, priority setting, developing relationships, and measuring success. Pre-Marital Counseling with Interfaith Couples─For Clergy Only with Dr. Paula Brody, Outreach Training Institute Tuesday-Wednesday, June 19 & 20, 2012 Newton, MA How can clergy turn the opportunities for Jewish connection around marriage into a positive and meaningful foundation for future Jewish choices?

The Intentional Interim Rabbi (Five-Day) with Rev. Lynn Carman Bodden, Rev. Dr. William M. Peterson, and Deborah Prinz Sunday-Thursday, April 15-19, 2012 New Jersey

Learning to do interim rabbinic work: leading congregations undergoing significant change and/or crisis towards healing and health in the transition, using skills such as asset mapping, vision and mission, appreciative inquiry, self-care, exiting. This is one segment of the three-part training to become a trained interim rabbi.

The Business of the Rabbinate: For Women Rabbis with Ruth Alpers, Lisa Greene, Arthur Gross NEW! Schaefer, and Sheryl Rowling Empowerment in your finances, insight into legal concerns, and protection from sexual misconduct. Wednesday, January 25, 2012 1:00 PM ET Keter Torah: 1 hour Learning to Ask for What You Want: For Woman Rabbis with Dr. Hannah Riley Bowles, Steven Fox, NEW! Sara Laschever, and Betsy Torop Strategies for negotiating your contract from these experts on the gender gap. Dr. Bowles is Associate Professor at the Harvard Kennedy School. Sara Laschever is coauthor of Women Don’t Ask and Ask for It. Tuesday, January 31, 2012 Noon ET Keter Torah: 1 hour Technology for Teaching with Owen Gottlieb and Jon Mitzmacher NEW! Hear the latest theories on harnessing the power of games and game design in educational settings from expert and colleague, Owen Gottlieb. Discover, through the practical experience of Jon Mitzmacher, how to introduce technological tools in synagogues, schools, and organizations. Thursday, February 2, 2012 Noon ET Keter Torah: 1 hour


The Skills of Saying Goodbye and Hello in Our Career Transitions with Nina Coil, Roy Oswald, and others Wednesday, February 15, 2012 Noon ET

Technology of Prayer NEW! with Peter Levi, Dan Medwin, Elana Perry, and Zach Shapiro Discover the latest technological tools to enhance prayer and worship experiences, from Visual T’filah to the new iPad app, “iT’filah: The Mishkan T’filah App”. Hear from colleagues regarding their practical experience, successes and challenges, using technology in t’filah settings. Explore how you might harness these tools in your own rabbinate and community. Tuesday, February 21, 2012 Noon ET

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CCAR January 2012 Newsletter

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