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Highlights of CCAR Lifelong Learning 5772

Rapid Response Hotline
Seth Bernstein 508-798-4245

Pardes: The CCAR partners with Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies to provide intensive text study opportunities at reduced rates. Flexible schedules available.

Coaching for Rabbis:

OnLine and in-PeRSOn HebRew LeaRning:
CCAR offers a set of Hebrew learning and conversation opportunities. Through special arrangements CCAR members will benefit from Hebrew skill enhancement programs—classes, conversations and ulpanim—in some cases at reduced costs. 7 Week Summer Immersion Program Session dates: June 29–august 17, 2012

CCAR offers group coaching for women rabbis, recently ordained rabbis, interim rabbis and rabbis approaching retirement. Individual coaching is also available.


Hebrew Middlebury College Program:

Through this service, the CCAR provides the opportunity to speak with carefully selected and trained CCAR members, Colleagueson-Call (CoC). Any member who feels the need may reach out to speak with one of the Colleagues-on-Call. For additional information, please see the CCAR website.

Cost: Total $7,720 (Covers Tuition, Room & Board) For further information and to register, please go to www.middlebury. edu/academics/ls/hebrew/ The Kathryn Davis Fellowships for Peace covers the full cost of tuition room and board. The Fellowship application may be found at: kwd.htm

Underemployed and Unemployed

For resources, pro bono consults, and more, please see the website or be in touch with Debbie Prinz at

Hebrew online e-teacher: The exclusive Israel Ministry of

Sharing Our Lives

Education franchise for online Hebrew tutoring established in 2000, now operating in more than 100 countries around the world. Program: Nine month online course, available at several levels, including the study kit. Cost: Special discounted fee for CCAR members and their families. Register now at the CCaR website!

News about you and your family may be sent to View recent updates about CCAR members and their families at the website listing for Sharing Our Lives at: supportservices/sharing/.


• Speech writing • Technology learning • Career transition • Spiritual direction

Ulpan-Or: Total beginner to very advanced levels, multiple programs based on a Rapid Language Acquisition method and twenty years of research.
Programs include: • Personal one-on-one immersion programs in Israel, in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv • Personal one-on-one guided distance learning online programs accessible anywhere in the world • Ulpan-Or interactive kits—books and audio CD’s for self-study which do not require computers • Interactive online weekly newspaper—E-Tone • Hebrew programs and workshops tailor-designed for individuals, families and groups providing exposure to Israeli lifestyle, culture and tradition. Cost: Special discounted fees for CCaR members and their families.

All previous teleconference calls are easily accessed at, including recordings and related materials. Please be in touch with Debbie Prinz at or 212-972-3636 x226 with any questions, suggestions, or comments. We hope that you will note these events for your calendar and take advantage of these incredible offerings.

Register now at the CCaR website!



CCAR January 2012 Newsletter

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