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‫טבת-שבט-אדר תשע״ג‬

Publication of the Central Conference of American Rabbis

January/February 2013 | Volume 60 – issue 3
Volume 56 – Number 9

‫איגוד הרבנים המתקדמים‬
Steven A. Fox

Jonathan A. Stein

Dear Chevrah,
it was a privilege to join
more than a dozen of my
rabbinic colleagues in
late November and early
December on a CCAR
mission to israel. i hadn’t
originally planned to join
the delegation because it was geared to teach
rabbis “how to lead a trip to israel.” But then
“Gaza” happened, and the purpose of the visit
was expanded to include a show of Reform
Jewish support for israel at a difficult time. i
made the decision to go on Shabbat, bought
my airline ticket on Sunday, secured my hotel
rooms on Monday, left on Wednesday night,
and returned the following Thursday morning.
Four nights in Jerusalem, one on Kibbutz Kfar
Blum, and one in Tel Aviv—plus the two redeye flights, one in each direction. i had vowed
never to take the red-eye again, but it was all
worth it.
We visited sites i had never experienced
• A new tunnel from Ir David (David’s City,
down the hill to the south of the Southern
Steps to the Temple Mount) to Robinson’s
Arch (remains of a rampart that crossed to
the “upper city” where the priests lived).
• A cemetery along the shores of Yam Kinneret
(the Sea of Galilee or Tiberias) where we
encountered the grave of the poetess Rachel
along with her compatriots from the Second
• A walk through Tel Aviv’s market on Levinski
Street, where we sampled olives and grape
leaves, borekas and sufganiyot, spices, teas,
and coffees.
• A tour of part of the poorest section of town,
in south Tel Aviv, where a woman who was
working in a rather meager child-care facility
after fleeing the political turmoil in her native
Eritrea told us that she didn’t wish to remain
in israel; it is simply too hard.

How Will We Communicate in 2013?


s technology is changing so rapidly, i assumed 2012 would
transform the way in which we within the CCAR meet,
communicate, share, inform, and study.

it did—but at the same time it did not.

The CCAR, like most membership organizations, has continued to develop
the means by which we communicate with our members through social
media and other digital communications. in addition to the long-existing
listserv, RavKav, the CCAR now has a well-established Facebook group of over 800 rabbis, and
nearly 1,800 “friends” through our ReformRav Facebook persona. We also utilize Sharing Our
Lives ( through which our members can immediately let others know
about significant events in their lives, be they sad occasions like the loss of a loved one or joyous
occasions like a wedding or birth or other special occasion. Sharing Our Lives reaches every
member of the CCAR Rabbinic Staff and each CCAR Board member so that he/she may reach
out to members to quickly offer support in times of need or a Mazal
Tov at joyous moments. Sharing Our Lives news is also posted on
Facebook, on RavKav, and in the monthly CCAR Newsletter—and a
special thanks to Steve Arnold for this crucial work.
These past few months we have also introduced an e-newsletter.
Rebecca Schorr, our outstanding newsletter editor, has graciously
been serving as editor for both the hard copy and electronic
newsletters. As Rebecca explained in a prior column, the
e-newsletter will be distributed every other month, and the hard copy
will be on alternating months, with plans to increase frequency of
distribution as we recruit more contributors.

being together
to enjoy one
remains a core
value within the

We also communicate through RavBlog, the CCAR blog introduced
in these past few months ( on which a number
of rabbis have already contributed thoughts and opinions on different
subjects. if you have not yet begun to follow RavBlog, i invite
you to become a subscriber and join in the conversation. (Editor:
Subscribing is easy; insert your email in the designated space on
the top of the right-hand column of the blog.) We have a wonderful ongoing series of posts about
the new machzor that will continue on a regular basis. Leon Morris has introduced a number of
wonderful blog posts for your consideration including “Faithful Translations,” “Piyyutim and the
Machzor,” and “A Sin by Any Other Name.” RavBlog has also provided me the opportunity to
share news of my CCAR travels and some of my thoughts with you, including my most recent
post “Arming Rabbis? Not in My Time, i Pray.”
But even with all these electronic communication systems, in 2012 it become abundantly clear
from so many of you that meeting in person for study, learning, brainstorming, and simply being
together to enjoy one another’s company remains a core value within the CCAR. Face-to-face
time remains primetime.
in the next ten weeks, hundreds—perhaps nearly 800 in total—of CCAR members will come
together in person: NAORRR, PARR, ONEG, WRN, Leadership to israel, MWARR, and MARR.

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