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Stars and Stories at the CCAR Convention

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he Hollywood awards season reminds
us that great movies have spectacular
stars and compelling stories. The CCAR
Convention in Long Beach on March 3–6,
2013, will be just down the freeway from
Hollywood. So, it is fitting that it, too, will both
present star-quality speakers and give us the
opportunity to craft what our rabbinic stories
will say in the coming years.
Among the stars is
our keynote speaker,
Michael Chabon.
The Pulitzer Prize–
winning author of The
Amazing Adventures
of Kavalier and Clay,
Chabon immerses
himself in Jewish themes in that book and
in his remarkable imagining of an alternative
Jewish state in The Yiddish Policeman’s Union.
Chabon, author of the recently-released novel
Telegraph Avenue, dazzles readers with both
his writing and his ability to think broadly

about narrative. He will speak to us about the
importance of shaping Jewish narrative as a
means of connecting our past with our present,
all with the goal of developing a vision of the
From the world of
television, we will hear
from Howard Gordon,
one of the creators of the
Emmy Award-winning
hit show, Homeland.
The show is based on
an Israeli series, Hatufim
(Prisoner of War). From the world of film and
the Internet comes the filmmaker Tiffany Shlain,
who was recognized by Newsweek as “one of
the women shaping the 21st century.” From
the world of journalism comes Rob Eshman,
publisher and editor-in-chief of the Jewish
Journal of Greater Los Angeles, a pioneer
in the use of new media. From the world of
government comes activist and Los Angeles
County Supervisor Zev Yarolavsky. And the

list goes on, including some of our best-loved
teachers from HUC-JIR.
Not only is there a lot of star power here, but
there are also opportunities for us to share in
workshops and discussions about how we
can best write the stories of our lives. The
convention will help us become, in the words
of its theme, “Rabbis Leading the Shift.” We
will study with scholars of the oldest texts and
of the newest ways of communicating. We will
learn how to reach Jews in a time of nearrevolutionary transitions and how to nourish our
own souls.
Registration is open at the CCAR website, Please note that there is a
special rate for members of NAORRR.
Join us in Long Beach and see
the stars come out!
March 3–6, 2013

WRN News


y the time you read this, we will be
putting final touches on our biennial
convention in Memphis in January. We
can’t wait to welcome you there! We already
can anticipate the remarkable experiences of
the Op-Ed Project training program, meeting
local religious and social activists and artists,
joining our voices in song and prayer, visits
to the exceptional institutions of our host
community, and the joy of being together.
In advance of this special convention, our
gratitude and thanks to Joui Hessel, our
convention and national events VP; Katie
Bauman, our local Chair, Laurie Rice, our cochair; and our committee members, Rebecca
Soliele Epstein, Betsy Torop, Linda Joseph,
Ellen Nemhauser, Helaine Ettinger, and Jackie
Ellenson. Each of these women has taken on
aspects of the convention program, and its
success is completely due to their hard work.
We hope to have a full report of our
experiences from this convention in a future
issue of the CCAR Newsletter and in our up-

coming WRN e-blasts. It suffices to say that
our most significant take-away will be to take
pride in the power of our words and our voice.
Sharing our voice in the public square and
writing op-ed articles in news outlets can truly
effect social change, on so many levels. We
hope we can offer this program to additional
WRN members in the future.
We are also looking forward to our next
national gathering at the CCAR Convention
in Long Beach, California, in March. Our
traditional dinner will take place on Monday,
March 4. The location will be announced in the
program booklet. Our colleague Ellie Steinman
will be our local chair. Our dinners at the
CCAR are yet another opportunity to share our
concerns and to plan future gatherings, locally
and nationally.
Moving forward, the WRN is working closely
with the organization Advancing Women
Professionals in the Jewish Community, to
define and refine our advocacy agenda and

efforts. We know that this is an important part
of our mission. We look forward to sharing
this evolving project with you. Loren Lapidus
and Judy Shanks, our WRN Advocacy
Committee chairs, will be a part of this work as
it progresses.
As always, we look forward to seeing you
and speaking with you. Please stay in touch
with us!
Alysa Mendelson and Helaine Ettinger,
Jackie Koch Ellenson,

CCAR Newsletter Jan-Feb 2013

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