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CCAR LeAdeRship TRAveL seRies 5773/5774 SubSidized RateS! *
Rabbis Exploring Jewish Renewal in
Nov. 4–10, 2013

RegiSteR Now!
Start up Israel
January 26–February 4, 2014

explore the legacy of German Jewry
and learn about the birthplace of the
Reform Movement. Gain profound
insight into the impossible situations
Jews faced during the holocaust, while
also examining the historical backdrop
of World War Two and the events that
led up to it. This tour is an opportunity
to enrich your knowledge of Jewish
history and understand the complexities
of reviving and sustaining a Jewish
community in the wake of catastrophe,
all while being exposed to a magnificent
city which has undergone tremendous

start Up israel will afford CCAR
members the opportunity to engage
with innovative and creative thinkers,
leaders, and projects in fields such
as technology, science, art, religion,
culture and politics.
Save the date!
A Jewish Roots and Diplomacy
Trip to Morocco
May 9, 2014-TBD

*Note: All trips include accommodations, all breakfasts,
and some dinners as well as comprehensive touring,
special educational programming, and high-level briefings.
These rates are land only, are based on double occupancy,
and apply only to CCAR members. Check the travel dates
and information at the website. itinerary is subject to
change. For spouse fees, please contact da’at customer
service center at 888-811-2812 or check their website at space is limited.


Communities of Practice

The CCAR supports its members personally
as well as professionally. Colleagues help
colleagues in a number of ways, as do CCAR
rabbinic staff and lay leadership:

• hoping to learn from colleagues who have
prevailed over an illness or other personal
hardship such as divorce? Contact carenet@

• Would you like to speak to a colleague
about a professional issue? Our carefully
selected and trained CCAR Colleagues
on Call, listed at the CCAR website, are
available to assist you.

• interested in talking about transitions?
Contracts? difficult issues? Contact: steve
Fox at , Alan henkin
at, debbie prinz at

• Need help in a personal or professional
crisis? For the Rapid Response hotline,
please call seth Bernstein at 508-340-0951.

• Wish to assist colleagues or spouses
of deceased rabbis in emergency
circumstances? Make a contribution to the
hesed Fund and/or the Mitzvah Fund at

• Facing unemployment or/underemployment?
A number of resources are available to you at
the CCAR website. Or, call a member of the
CCAR rabbinic staff.
• Are you or someone you know struggling
with addiction? CCAR’s Alcoholism and
Addiction Response and Recovery Team
may be reached through the Chair, susan
stone, at
or 216-509-2779.
• share news about you and your family with
other colleagues? information may be sent to

• Want to discuss topics with colleagues or
query them? Check out CCAR’s facebook
page, RavKav and RavBlog.
please know that all conversations with
a colleague through any of these support
opportunities will be completely confidential,
unless you disclose communications of
imminent danger to yourself or others, or
of harm to minors or incapacitated persons.
No ethical violations will be reported, though
each of us is encouraged to self-report a direct
breach of the CCAR ethics Code.

• seeking news about colleagues and their
families? You may find the listing of such
information in the CCAR Newsletter, at
CCAR’s facebook page and at the CCAR

Join a Community of practice. Be part of
self-defined, collective conversation to share
learning through mutual engagement known as
communities of practice (Cop) (based on the
writings of etienne Wenger). A community of
practice evolves around a shared practice, craft,
or domain of knowledge. Members of the
community are encouraged to ask questions,
share ideas, and advances in the particular
field of practice. Cops foster personal and
professional growth and also encourage
innovation in the practice domain.
Campus Rabbis
entrepreneurial Rabbis
Rabbis in interfaith Work
Rabbis Who are Chaplains
Rabbis Working in Academic settings
Tech savvy Rabbis
Rabbis Working for Non-profit Organizations
Long Term Associates
Rabbis of small Congregations
Assistant Rabbis
senior Rabbis
hebrew speaking Chug
Rabbis serving as Therapist/Counselors
part-Time Rabbis
Trained interims
Register at:
Questions? please contact debbie prinz at or dan Medwin at


CCAR Newsletter Mar-Apr 2013

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