CCAR Newsletter Jul-Aug 2013 - 7


The 2013 CCAR Annual Giving Campaign is
already off to a wonderful start. Through the
generosity of our colleagues, we are proud
to announce that we have already raised
$145,000 toward our $250,000 goal. Along
with our monetary goal, we are working
hard to get more colleagues involved in
Ruth Alpers
David Altshuler
Erica Seager Asch
Raphael Asher
Elizabeth Bahar
Martin Beifield, Jr.
Marci Bellows
Peter Berg
Michael Berk
Richard Birnholz
Barry Block
Richard Block
Ana Bonnheim
Deborah Bravo
Rachel Bregman
Charles Briskin
Carey Brown
Andrew Busch
Ari Cartun
Jordana Chernow-Reader
Noah Chertkoff
Steven Chester
Heidi Cohen
Jordan Cohen
Malcolm Cohen
Norman M. Cohen
Hillel Cohn
Karen Companez
Shoshanah Conover
Beth Davidson
Steven Denker
Lucy Dinner
Ellen Weinberg Drefyus
Denise Eger
H. Bruce Ehrmann
Stephen Einstein
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Annual Giving Campaign

conversations about how the CCAR has
supported their rabbinates. We are well on
our way to increasing our number of solicitors
and number of donors. Deep thanks to those
colleagues who have already made pledges
as of 6/30/13.Your generosity helps to sustain
the sacred work of the CCAR. If you would

Dennis Eisner
David Ellenson
Jacqueline Koch Ellenson
Sue Levi Elwell
Dena Feingold
Karen Fox
Steve Fox
Michael Friedman
Stacy Friedman
Stephen Fuchs
Jesse Gallop
David Gelfand
Stuart Gertman
James Gibson
Arnold Gluck
Rosalind Gold
Edwin Goldberg
Sheila Goloboy
Andrew Goodman
Sara Goodman
Donald Goor
Samuel Gordon
Daniel Gottlieb
Roberto Graetz
Bruce Greenbaum
Frederick Greene
Micah Greenstein
Nicole Greninger
Lisa Grushcow
Leslie Gutterman
Debra Hachen
Rosette Barron Haim
Jonathan Hanish
Carmit Harari
Oren Hayon
Joui Hessel

Ammiel Hirsch
Lisa Hochberg-Miller
Mark Hurvitz
Brett Isserow
Rick Jacobs
Yoel Kahn
Mark Kaiserman
Lewis Kamrass
Patricia Karlin-Neumann
Steven Kaye
Paul Kipnes
Roger Klein
Peter Knobel
Elisa Koppel
Howard Laibson
Loren Lapidus
Micah Lapidus
Martin Lawson
Steven Leder
Darah Lerner
Peter Levi
Craig Lewis
Janet Liss
Greg Litcofsky
Richard Litvak
Robert Loewy
Scott Looper
Michael Lotker
Steven Lowenstein
David Lyon
Laurence Malinger
Todd Markley
Steven S. Mason
Batsheva Meiri
Daniel Mikelberg
Heather Ellen Miller

like to strengthen our campaign as a solicitor
or to add your name to our growing list of
supporters, please contact Development
Manager Laura Mardiks (lmardiks@ccarnet.
org) or Michelle Pearlman (rabbipearlman@ or 201-344-5295).

Ilana Mills
Nancy Myers
Howard Needleman
Robert Nosanchuk
Janet Offel
Michelle Pearlman
Jonah Pesner
Debra Pine
Debbie Prinz
Ferenc Raj
Fred Reiner
Debra Robbins
Ari Rosenberg
Brigitte Rosenberg
Harry Rosenfeld
Andrew Rosenkranz
Donald Rossoff
Peter Rubinstein
Rachel Sabath BeitHalachmi
Jared Saks
Maurice Salth
Jeffery Saxe
Judith Schindler
Laura Schwartz Harari
Amy Schwartzman
Adrienne Scott
Ronald Segal
Daniel Septimus
Susan Shankman
Dean Shapiro
Mark Dov Shapiro
Michael Shields
Alexandria Shuval-Weiner
Judith Siegal
Ariana Silverman

Beth Singer
Jonathan Singer
Suzanne Singer
Myra Soifer
Jonathan Stein
Richard Steinberg
Eleanor Steinman
David Stern
Ronald Stern
A. Brian Stoller
Joshua Strom
Daniel Swartz
The Rabbis of Temple Beth
Sholom, Miami Beach, FL
The Rabbis of Temple
Israel, Boston, MA
William Tepper
David Thomas
Daniel Treiser
Heath Watenmaker
Michael Weinberg
Martin Weiner
Cory Weiss
Kenneth J. Weiss
Julia Weisz
Michael White
Jeffrey Wildstein
Stephen Wise
Eric Wisnia
Gregory Wolfe
Deborah Zecher
Brian Zimmerman
Sheldon Zimmerman
Misha Zinkow



At the annual meeting of the PARR region
in January, 2013, and also at this past
Convention in March, attendees were able to
access workshops related to that study. CCAR
will soon announce the findings of the 2012–13
Salary Study by Gender, having made a
commitment to analyze this information
every year going forward. Our CCAR Board
raised the question of pay equity in Reform
congregations and institutions with URJ

Chairman Stephen Sacks, who committed
to partner with us to end the wage gap. (The
meeting with Steve coincided with the fiftieth
Anniversary of the Equal Pay Act on June
10, 2013.) To strengthen related skill sets,
CCAR developed several teleconference calls
(all recordings are posted at the website) on
topics such as “Gender and Negotiation,” “For
Women: Amplifying Your voice,” and “Learning
to Ask for What You Want.”

These learning opportunities enhance the
We hope that you will continue to contribute
to these essential conversations in the months
ahead. As Reform Movement leaders, as
rabbis of the Jewish community, as friends and
colleagues, we “lean on” each other as the
conversations and the advocacy move forward.


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