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Annual Giving Campaign


odah Rabbah to our colleagues
who pledged to the 2013 Annual
Giving Campaign (since July 1,
2013). Your generosity helps sustain the
sacred work of the CCAR. If you would
like your name to be added to our growing
list of supporters, please contact Michelle
Pearlman (
or Laura Mardiks, Development Manager
Lawrence Bach

Ralph Mecklenburger

Murray Berger

Karen Perolman

Michael Birnholz

Elana Perry

Aaron Bisno

Sally Priesand

David Cohen

Seymour Prystowsky

Benjamin David

Kenneth Roseman

Billy Dreskin

Richard Safran

Edward Elkin

James Simon

Rebecca Epstein

Jacob Singer-Beilin

Matthew Gewirtz

Adam Spilker

Jeffrey Goldwasser

Samuel Stahl

Sheila Goloboy

Richard Steinbrink

Steven Gross

Jeffrey Stiffman

Jonathan Hecht

The Rabbis of
Temple Israel,
W. Bloomfield, MI

honoring the hundreds of
CCAR colleagues who will lead

Harvey Tattelbaum

Alan Henkin

2015: March 15–18, Philadelphia
2016: February 23–28, Israel

John Rosove

Bruce Elder

CCAR hosts an Oneg Shabbat

We hope that you will join us
at future Conventions:

Adam Rosenwasser

Rebecca Dubowe

Oneg Shabbat
at Biennial
December 13, 2013

Joseph Meszler

Allison Berry

You are invited!

R e g i s t R at i o n

Moshe Thomas Heyn
Neil Hirsch
Howard Jaffe
Jonathan Kraus
Susan Laemmle
Sari Laufer
Bradley Levenberg
Seth Limmer
David Locketz
Sarah Mack

Lennard Thal
David Weis
Daniel Wolk
Evon Yakar
Mary Zamore
Irwin Zeplowitz
Israel Zoberman
Henry Zoob

workshops and t’filah.

2017: March 19–22, location TBD

Join us at the several workshops

2018: March 11–14, location TBD

staffed by the CCAR related to
Mishkan HaNefesh, placement,
transition, mutual review, and more.

2019: March 31–April 3, location TBD
2020: March 22–25, location TBD

First 100 Days


e heard the following feedback from attendees at the recent CCAR
“First 100 Days” in-person seminar:
Having started at a new synagogue before, I knew that how things
get started makes a tremendous difference as to where we are in
a year or five or twenty. The CCAR’s “First 100 Days” gave me the
focus, the tools, and the insight to structure those opening weeks
in meaningful, thoughtful plans for getting off on the right foot and
keeping the journey going positively. (Rabbi Mark Kaiserman)

First 100 D
me the

First 100 Day
Seminar en

The “First 100 Days” Seminar enabled me to think about the significant
bigger issues involved in my transition to a new position. It gave me the
venue and the language to think about my own leadership style and role. It
also put some of the practical tasks in perspective. (Rabbi Beth Klafter)

“First 100 Days” was an outstanding opportunity to prepare for transition
in community with colleagues. I feel ready to take on my new pulpit with
First 100
resources and relationships I wouldn’t have had otherwise. Larry Peers
Days was
engaged us, speaking fluent “Jewish,” though he’s not. Steve Fox and Debbie
Prinz added resources specific to our settings. (Rabbi Barry Block)
Taking the two-day “First 100 Days” training through the CCAR is the best
decision I’ve made in this transition so far. The consultant they bring in …
teaches by making people practice the techniques he offers as he presents
them. We learn from each other and gain best practices for shepherding a
congregation through transition. (Rabbi Ethan Bair)

First 1
00 Da

Watch for details about upcoming CCAR in-person seminars and teleconference calls/
webinars in 5774–75 in future Newsletters, eblasts, Facebook, RavKav, and on our website.
Or contact or x247.



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