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The Central Address for Continuing Education for All Reform Rabbis
Leadership initiatives for aLL rabbis

ThE ToRAh of RAbbiniC LEAdERship
40 Years Since Yom Kippur 1973:
How That War Continues to
Haunt Israel
with Yossi Klein Halevi and others
October 2, 2013
Noon ET
The Yom Kippur War continues to be a
formative influence on Israeli attitudes
toward peace and the place of the
Jewish state among the nations. Both
the settlement movement and the peace
movement were born after 1973. As Israelis
mark the 40th anniversary of Israel’s most
traumatic war, what are the implications of
that collective memory for the renewal of the
Palestinian-Israeli peace talks?
Sacred Search: Process and Resources
for Reform Congregations (with URJ)
October 7, 2013
Noon ET
with Alan Henkin, Randi Musnitsky,
Jan Offel, and Shirley Gordon
The season for engaging a rabbi for your
congregation is upon us. The webinar will
explore the ethics and best practices of
rabbinic placement for URJ congregations.
We will explain the placement process of the
Reform Movement and review the policies
and steps of placement. This webinar is
intended for congregational leaders and
search committee chairs and members
whose synagogues are looking for a rabbi
now or in the near future.

in-pERson sEminARs 5774–5775

Poets and Their Parashiyot: Modern
Hebrew Poets and Their Biblical Roots
with Dr. William Cutter
Read six modern poets of the Hebrew literary
renaissance, for whom Tanach served as
inspiration and source of creativity: Yehuda
Amichai, Natan Zach, Lea Goldberg, Zelda, and
two poets of the younger generation. Join us for
one or all in this series.
Wednesday, October 9, 2013
Noon ET
Tuesday, October 15, 2013
Noon ET
Wednesday, October 30, 2013
Noon ET
Celebrating Women of the Wall
on Its 25th Anniversary
with Anat Hoffman, Bennett Miller, and others
October 23, 2013
Noon ET
Join us in reflections and updates on the
occasion of the 25th anniversary of the
Women of the Wall and learn about the
implementation of the Sharansky plan.
Global Day of Jewish Learning
November 17, 2013

Legal Issues for Community-Based
with Steven Fox, Michael Gan,
Arthur Gross-Schaefer, and others
November 20, 2013
1:00 PM ET
An opportunity to hear from legal experts
dEAdLinE: sEpTEmbER 23, 2013
about matters that affect rabbinic work,
Havah T’filah: Examining Worship for
the 21st Century (in partnership with the especially for our members in communitybased settings.
ACC) (in-person)
Monday–Tuesday, October 7–8, 2013
New York, NY
Engage in worship and opportunities for
today’s Jewish community, developing
habits of reflection, innovation, and
intentionality. Join us with your clergy team,
if possible.

Placement: The Fine Points of Contracts
December 19, 2013
Noon ET
As the placement process moves into contract
negotiation, we will discuss the details of
rabbinic contracts.

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dEAdLinE: JAnuARy 6, 2014
Fundraising for Rabbis: Shekels—Creating a
Giving Cuture in Your Organization and Synagogue
Monday–Tuesday, February 10–11, 2014
Los Angeles
Rabbis acquire skills for fundraising, planned giving, the
art of the “ask” major gifts, board development, and
annual campaigns.
dEAdLinE: ApRiL 7, 2014
Rabbi as (CEO) Chief Engagement Officer:
Gold Family Rabbinic Leadership Seminar
Made possible through the generous donation of
Stanley and Ilene Gold

with Larry Dressler
Monday–Tuesday, May 5–6, 2014
New York, NY
dEAdLinE: ApRiL 21, 2014
First 100 Days: For Every Rabbi in
Job Transition (in-person)
Monday–Tuesday, May 19–20, 2014
Helping rabbis to start strong in their new rabbinic
positions, exploring various approaches and techniques
for entry planning, priority setting, developing
relationships, and measuring success.
dEAdLinE: mAy 26, 2014
Building Skills for Community-Based and
Small Congregation Rabbinic Work
Focused on the interests and needs of rabbis currently
serving in various community-based settings and small
congregations, this seminar will strengthen leadership skills.
Monday–Tuesday, June 23–24, 2014
Pittsburgh, PA
dEAdLinE: mAy 29, 2014
Yom Iyyun
Sunday, June 29, 2014
Jerusalem, Israel
Deepen relationships among Israeli and North American
rabbis through a day of study and collegiality.
Engaging Jews through Communications: Gold
Family Rabbinic Leadership Seminar
Made possible through the generous donation of
Stanley and Ilene Gold

Monday–Tuesday, October 20–21, 2014
Location TBA

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