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Rabbinic Mission Celebrating Women
of the Wall’s 25th Anniversary (in
partnership with WRN)
November 3–6, 2013
Jerusalem, Israel
Pray at the Kotel with Women of the
Wall for Rosh Chodesh Kislev, followed
by a celebratory Oneg. Also, participate
in rabbinic-level study and high-level
meetings with local dignitaries, thought
leaders, and social justice activists.
Register now at the CCAR website.

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Rabbis Exploring Jewish Renewal
in Berlin*
Chaired by Rabbi Ellen Weinberg Dreyfus
November 4, 2013–November 10, 2013
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Start-Up Israel:
Creating an Entrepreneurial Culture
in Your Community
Chaired by Cari Bricklin and Rick Kellner
January 26, 2014–February 4, 2014
Start-Up Israel will afford CCAR members
the opportunity to engage with innovative
and creative thinkers, leaders, and projects
in fields such as technology, science, art,
religion, culture, and politics.

Rabbi Richard A. Block
After serving the CCAR Board for eight years, Rick has fulfilled a
number of positions. He’s been financial secretary, treasurer, VP for
organizational relations, president-elect, and today he is the president.
One of the challenges Rick faces as board president is effectively
governing a geographically dispersed board. While technology provides
us with a number of tools, it can be difficult to run a group that only
meets face-to-face three times a year.
For Rick, the best part of being a part of the CCAR Board is the
opportunity to work with devoted partners to serve and support our colleagues. His various
roles on the board have shown him how much the CCAR means to our members and how
supporting our members is integral to everything the board does.

Rabbi Denise Eger
Denise has been a member of the CCAR Board since March 2011.
She first served as VP of member services and is now president-elect.
Previously, she served as president of PARR.
Our rabbinic community and our Movement are part of a rapidly
changing world. Denise views the CCAR as a think tank that serves to
keep Judaism vibrant in the twenty-first century. The biggest challenge
she sees for the board currently is to find ways to grow the CCAR while
maintaining a sustainable budget. The needs of rabbis and the role of
the CCAR has changed a lot over the past fifty years, which means
the CCAR needs to expand services and staff to meet the needs of a
rabbinate made up of an increasingly diverse group of leaders.
For Denise, the best thing about serving on the CCAR Board is the honor of having the
opportunity to help her colleagues. She also enjoys getting a chance to get to know her
colleagues better—like learning Debbie Prinz is a chocolate expert. Debbie brings a sample of
chocolate from a different part of the world to each meeting, which is a pretty sweet perk.


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A Jewish Roots and Diplomacy Trip
to Morocco
May 11–18, 2014
Details at the CCAR website
*Note: All trips include accommodations,
all breakfasts, and some dinners as well as
comprehensive touring, special educational
programming, and high-level briefings. These
rates are land only, are based on double
occupancy, and apply only to CCAR members.
Check the travel dates and information at the
website. Itinerary is subject to change. For
spouse fees, please contact Da’at customer
service center at 888-811-2812 or check
the website. Space is limited. Early Bird ends
September 30, 2013.

The Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies:
CCAR partners with Pardes to provide intensive
text study opportunities in Jerusalem. Through
special arrangements, CCAR members will benefit
from a 15% reduction on programs.
See CCAR website for further details.
Ulpan-Or: for total beginner to very
advanced levels, multiple programs based
on a Rapid Language Acquisition method
and 20 years of research.
Ulpan-Or Programs include:
• Personal One-on-One immersion programs in
Israel in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv
• Personal One-on-One Guided Distance
Learning online programs accessible anywhere
in the world
• Ulpan-Or interactive kits—Books and audio CDs
for self-study that do not require computers
• Interactive online weekly newspaper—E-Tone
• Hebrew programs and workshops tailordesigned for individuals, families, and groups
providing exposure to Israeli life-style, culture,
and tradition
Cost: Reduced fees for CCAR members.
Further details at the CCAR website.
eTeacherHebrew is the exclusive Israel
Ministry of Education franchise for online
Hebrew tutoring established in 2000, now
operating in more than 100 countries around
the world.
Program: Nine-month online LIVE course with
teachers from Israel, available at several levels,
including the study kit.
Cost: Special discounted fee for CCAR members
Further details at the CCAR website.
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CCAR Newsletter Sep-Oct 2013

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