CCAR Newsletter Nov-Dec 2013 - 11

Mazal tov to our colleagues who have
participated in Keter Torah, CCAR's voluntary
learning incentive program. Some of these
colleagues have participated every year since
the inception of the program in 2009.

serious and sustained learning over the course
of the Jewish year through the CCAR and/or
elsewhere. The areas of learning include Torah,
text study, rabbinics, professional development,
counseling, and education skills.

Keter Torah encourages and recognizes lifelong
rabbinic learning and skills development by
members of the CCAR, granting awards and
other incentives to colleagues who engage in

We remind you that the Keter Torah program
incentive learning levels are easily achievable
in several learning venues, including CCAR's
Leadership Initiatives Lifelong Learning:

1. Yad Torah-54 hours of approved learning
within a year
2. Choshen Torah-118 hours of approved
learning within a year
3. Rimon Torah-180 hours of approved
learning within a year

Mazal Tov!

KETER TORAH Participants: congRatulations!
Rabbi Joshua Aaronson
Rabbi Joel Abraham
Rabbi Eliot Baskin
Rabbi Marcus Burstein
Rabbi Sandra Cohen
Rabbi Lucy H.F. Dinner
Rabbi Rebecca Dubowe
Rabbi Denise Eger
Rabbi Dena Feingold
Rabbi John Franken
Rabbi Laura Geller

Rabbi Jordan Goldson
Rabbi Jeffrey Goldwasser
Rabbi Sheila Goloboy
Rabbi Linda Henry Goodman
Rabbi Frederick Greene
Rabbi Sidney Helbraun
Rabbi Lewis Kamrass
Rabbi Alison Kobey
Rabbi Elisa Koppel
Rabbi Leah Kroll
Rabbi Laurence Malinger

Ulpan-Or: for total Beginner to Very
advanced levels, multiple programs based
on a Rapid language acquisition method
and 20 years of research
Ulpan-Or programs include:
* Personal one-on-one immersion programs in
Israel in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv
* Personal one-on-one guided distance
learning online programs accessible
anywhere in the world
* Ulpan-Or interactive kits-Books and
audio CDs for self-study that do not require
* Interactive online weekly newspaper-E-Tone
* Hebrew programs and workshops tailordesigned for individuals, families, and
groups providing exposure to Israeli lifestyle,
culture, and tradition.
Cost: Discount of 10% for CCAR members
on all products and programs
eteacherhebrew is the exclusive Israel
Ministry of Education franchise for online
Hebrew tutoring established in 2000, now
operating in more than one hundred countries
around the world.
Program: Nine-month online LIVE course
with teachers from Israel, available at several
levels, including the study kit.
Cost: Special discounted fee for CCAR

Rabbi Batsheva Meiri
Rabbi Daniel Moskovitz
Rabbi Cookie Olshein
Rabbi Audrey Pollack
Rabbi David Reiner
Rabbi Emeritus Louis Rieser
Rabbi Peter Rigler
Rabbi Debra Robbins
Rabbi Amy Scheinerman
Rabbi Shari Heinrich Shamah
Rabbi Alexandria Shuval-Weiner

Rabbi Seth Stander
Rabbi Bonnie Steinberg
Rabbi Eleanor Steinman
Rabbi Paul Tuchman
Rabbi Jennifer Weiner
Rabbi Michelle Werner
Rabbi Alison Wissot
Rabbi Julie Wolkoff
Rabbi Mary Zamore

(Continued from page 1) FROM THE PRESIDENT RichaRd Block

inclusive. At its recent in-person meeting, our
board discussed how to accomplish that, led
by Elaine Zecher, our vice president for
leadership. One step we've taken in that
direction is to invite board members to suggest
colleagues for appointment to openings as they
arise, which will expand the pool of possibilities
considerably. As appropriate, I hope we will
also make opportunities to serve known more
broadly, so that colleagues can express their
interest directly.
We also need to do a better job of creating what
our colleague Amy Schwartzman calls "a culture
of gratitude." We haven't always done (and still
don't always do) a good job of recognizing or
expressing appreciation to those who give so

unselfishly of their time and talents. Periodically,
we will be letting you know who have accepted
appointments and telling you a little about them.
This will enable all of us who know them, not
just those in positions of elected leadership,
to convey our gratitude to these colleagues.
Hopefully, it will also inspire others to step
In the meanwhile, if you would like to get
involved in the work of the Conference, I invite
you to let me know ( It
will be especially helpful if you can identify
the area(s) of your particular interest and, if
applicable, special experience or expertise.
The Conference belongs to all of us, and every
member adds to its strength.

MEEt ouR ccaR BoaRd MEMBERs - an ongoing series
Rabbi Elaine Zecher
Elaine originally served the CCAR Board from 2002 to 2004. She returned in
2011 and became vice president for leadership this year. Elaine cares deeply
about the CCAR and has devoted much of her time to it, serving as chair of
the Worship and Practice Committee and as chair of the Machzor Advisory
Group, so serving on the board gives her a chance to impact the direction
and strength of the Conference in a new way. One of the challenges she sees
of serving on the board is transitioning to the role of "lay leader" within that
context. With two decades of experience as an integral part of the CCAR, she
provides us with institutional memory. Her wonderful, insightful, empathetic
colleagues continue to be one of the best parts of serving on the board.
In 1997 and 1998, Elaine served as chair of the CCAR Convention before chairing the Worship and
Practices Committee from 2000 to 2013. She's also worked extensively on Mishkan T'filah and is
currently chair of the Machzor Advisory Group.
If she could have any superpower, it would be... the ability to cure illness.
The title of her autobiography would be... All in One Breath.


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