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From The PresidenT

shArinG oUr LiVes

!‫מזל טוב‬

We extend a joyous Mazal Tov to...
on the marriage of their daughter, Abby
Appelbaum Borovitz, on september 1, 2013, to
michael shawn Friedman.
Lori BernhArd and MARC KLINE, on
the marriage of his daughter, Corey, on motzei
shabbat, october 5, 2013, to Adam Buckman.
Corey is also the daughter of Cindy Kline, ‫.ז״ל‬
HAROLD CAMINKER, on the marriage of his
daughter rachel to Thomas robichaux on march
17, 2013, as well as the marriage of his daughter
sarah to matthew Weiss on July 4, 2013.
LISA DELSON and BrenT PLisKoW, on the
birth of their first child, micah samuel delson
Pliskow, on August 7, 2013.
nAnCY and BRUCE EHRMANN, on the birth
of their second great-grandchild, ernest Birch
Kenagy, born on september 3, 2013. he is the
son of their granddaughter, sara ehrmann Kenagy,
and her husband, Peter, and the grandson of their
son, david, and his wife, Barbara.
meLissA and DANIEL FELLMAN, on the birth
of their daughter, elizabeth hannah, on september
2, 2013.

son, macey elad, was called to the Torah as a bar
mitzvah on may 4, 2013.

the birth of their daughter, Caroline shoshana, on
october 1, 2013.

YA'ALA and ODED MAZOR, on the birth of their
daughter, rotem, on september 1, 2013. rotem
is the granddaughter of ednA and YEHORAM

WendY and PAUL SIDLOFSKY (Leo Baeck
'88/LA '90), whose son, Ben, became a bar
mitzvah on october 12, 2013.

NINA MIZRAHI, on her marriage to david
Wagner on July 28, 2013.
Anne and RIM MEIROWITZ [JTs '75], on the
birth of their grandson, Zachary Joseph howard
Tavan, on september 17, 2013. Zach's parents
are mia and ethan Tavan.
and eLLen and ROBERT WEINER, whose
daughter, emma, was called to the Torah as a bat
mitzvah, on August 24, 2013.
JUdY and RONALD SHAPIRO, on the birth of
their fifth grandchild, Caleb Aaron shapiro, born
on Yom Kippur morning 5774, september 14,
2013. Caleb is the son of Tera and daniel shapiro
and the nephew of ROXANNE SHAPIRO.

!‫כל הכבוד‬

DOV TAYLOR, on presenting a paper on
his book, Joseph Perl's Revealer of Secrets:
The First Hebrew Novel at the Fifth Annual
international Conference on the haskala,
to be held at the hebrew University this
december. The theme of this year's
Conference is "revealers of secrets-200
Years of Galician haskala."

BAHT YAMEEM WEISS, on her marriage to
Todd Cohen, on June 23, 2013. her brother,
JOSHUA CARUSO, officiated.
sUe and KEN WEISS, on the b'nei mitzvah
of their grandchildren, Joshua Carl and Juliana
rebecca Lederman, on october 4-5, 2013.
They are the children of Jennifer and Jonathan
Lederman and the cousins of SCOTT

‫המקום ינחם‬

We send our condolences to...

We rejoice in the achievements and
honors accorded to our colleagues...
ROBERT ROTHMAN, on being honored by
the Greenwich reform synagogue for his
many years of service to the congregation
as its scholar-in-residence. he recently
published A Few Words from the Rabbi, in
which he presents some experiences in the
rabbinate and in his life.

ArLene and JEFFREY STIFFMAN, whose
grandson, Ari naphtali maayan, son of Cheryl
(rhsoe) and Jon maayan, became a bar mitzvah
on April 11, 2013. Also, grandson samuel
stiffman, son of drs. Pita Adam and michael
stiffman, became a bar mitzvah on may 18, 2013.

RENNI ALTMAN and riChArd Wender,
on the death of her mother, Florence Lillie, on
september 1, 2013.

BERNARD SOLIS FRANK, on the death of his
wife, Toby P. Frank, on march 1, 2013.

Terri and ROBERT BARR, on the death of his
mother, Gladys Barr, on september 12, 2013.

soniA and MICHAEL LOTKER, on the death
of her son, marc stefan drucker, on september
6, 2013.

mArshA and SETH BERNSTEIN, on the
death of his mother, Jessie Bernstein, on
september 17, 2013.

GerALdine PeArLson, widow of our
colleague, JORDAN PEARLSON, ‫ ,ז״ל‬died on
september 10, 2012.

WEINBERG and mArA GeTZ sheFTeL and
JOSHUA WEINBERG, on the death of their
father and grandfather, norman Weinberg, on
october 4, 2013. Among the mourners are our
colleagues, ROBERT (director, experiment
in Congregational education) and JOY
WASSERMAN (rhsoe; national director
of Alumni Affairs, hUC-Jir), JESSICA LOTT

shAron and SAM ROTHBERG, on the death
of her mother, shoshana haas, on september
7, 2013.



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