CCAR Newsletter Nov-Dec 2013 - 5

Investing in Rabbinic Leadership = Investing in the Future of Jewish Life


e are grateful to CCAR members and devoted lay leaders who support the CCAR's important work. Together we enrich
and strengthen the Jewish community through the 2,000 Reform rabbis who provide religious, spiritual, and organizational
leadership to 1.5 million Jews worldwide.

The CCAR has enhanced its offerings to rabbis and to the Jewish community over the past several years. The increase in programs,
services, and publications has been incredible because of expanded contributions from rabbis and lay leadership. There is a direct "return on
investment" seen by generous donors-the connection between the donations and rabbinic leadership for the Jewish community.

Todah Rabbah to our colleagues who have
already pledged to the 2013 Annual Giving
Campaign. The Campaign supports CCAR
initiatives and has helped open doors to other
sources of funding; it sends a powerful message
of support by rabbis that leverages the giving
of lay leadership. To add your name to the list
of more than 375 members who have already
contributed, please contact co-chair Michelle
Pearlman ( or visit
the CCAR website today to make a donation.

new LeAdeRshIp Fund: Rav
Shem Tov soCIety-honoR
youR RAbbI!
The CCAR has inaugurated the Leadership
Fund to build leadership training initiatives
and to support professional development.
This fund is an opportunity for congregations/
organizations, friends, and family to celebrate
and commemorate professional milestones or
special achievements in the life of their rabbi by
enrolling him/her in the Leadership Fund's Rav
Shem Tov Society. With a minimum donation
of $18,000 to the Leadership Fund, the rabbi
becomes a member of the Rav Shem Tov
Society. One half of the funds donated will be
used for direct program enhancement and the
other half will be added to an endowment for
use by future generations of rabbis.
We are honored to welcome the following
rabbis as the inaugural members of the Rav
Shem Tov Society, with generous donations
by their congregations and friends:
Barry Block
Debra Robbins
Arnold Sher
Elaine Zecher

stAnLey And ILene GoLd
AnnounCe suppoRt FoR
RAbbInIC LeAdeRshIp
We are pleased to announce a gift of $250,000
from Stanley and Ilene Gold to create the Gold
Family Rabbinic Leadership seminars.
This tremendous act of generosity will help
the CCAR empower rabbis with practical skills
and knowledge, resulting in more capable and
assured leadership. This will ultimately lead to a
more effective, seriously engaged, and enriched
Jewish community. With this supportive funding,
the CCAR will continue to set a new standard
for rabbinic professional development, and for
this we are truly grateful.
The CCAR understands the ongoing challenges
and needs of working rabbis and remains
committed to playing a powerful supportive
role in every phase of professional life. Through
the Gold Family Rabbinic Leadership
seminars, we can now establish a more
comprehensive structure to address the
professional development needs by designing
and implementing a sustained, substantive,
and intensive training effort that offers lifelong
learning and promotes excellence in rabbinic
leadership. Over the years, the Gold Family
Rabbinic Leadership seminars will offer
a curriculum that builds rabbinic leadership,
organizational know-how, and communications
ability, resulting in a substantial increase in
rabbinic leadership skills, capacities, and
experiences for all participants.
We gratefully acknowledge and thank our
colleagues Michael Zedek and Steve Fox for
enhancing the CCAR's relationship with Stanley
and Ilene Gold.

edwARd m. And wILheLmInA (z"l)
ACkeRmAn suppoRt hAGAddAh
We are also pleased to announce that Edward
M. and Wilhelmina (z"l) Ackerman generously
donated $175,000 to support the publication
of The Union Haggadah, Revised Edition. We
are grateful to them for their support of this
historic project.
Originally published in 1923, The Union
Haggadah served as the beloved seder
companion for generations of American Jews.
This new edition preserves the best of this
classic Haggadah's approach to the Reform
liturgical heritage, while providing accessible
text and ritual for today's Jewish families and
their guests. Parts of ritual that were excluded
from the 1923 edition, like welcoming Elijah,
have been reclaimed. Aspects of more recent
ritual development, like Miriam's cup, have
been added, along with new essays by leading
contemporary scholars.
Not only does The Union Haggadah, Revised
Edition preserve the literary beauty and the
broad, universalistic spirit of the 1923 edition,
it also creatively incorporates the beautiful
original artwork. The revision is being created
in cooperation with the Society for Classical
Reform Judaism, in consultation with Rabbi
Howard Berman.
We are most grateful to Howard Berman for
introducing the Ackermans to the CCAR, and
to Steve Fox and Hara Person for their
assistance with this gift.

NEW-bring your Friends to "Friends of the Conference"

Our new Friends of the Conference group is a unique opportunity for lay
leaders to engage with and support rabbinic leadership. Friends of the
Conference support invaluable resources for the Jewish community by
investing annually in our programs. They engage in ongoing conversations with leading rabbis,
scholars, and other Friends on timely topics of importance to the Jewish community. An agenda
for this year's events has been set and includes phone seminars and an opportunity to attend a
special event at convention in Chicago.
We are off to a great start as we continue to welcome new members. If you have a congregant
or community member who you think would be interested in becoming a Friend of the
Conference, please let us know.

For more information about any fundraising
opportunity, please contact Laura Mardiks,
Development Manager at (212) 972-3636
ext. 255 or



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