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‫אדר-ב'/ניסן תשע״ד‬

‫איגוד הרבנים המתקדמים‬

March/April 2014 | Volume 60 - issue 4
Hara Person

Richard Block
Dear colleagues,
i would like to share my
recent HuffPost blog
article, in light of the
of this issue.
Warmest regards,

Books, books, and more books! CCAR rabbis are producing
so much amazing work right now that I'm busy jumping from
one great publishing project to another. These soon-to-be
published books are important contributions by the CCAR to
the Jewish people as well as wonderful additions to the CCAR
library of offerings. These are but a few of the upcoming works
passing across my desk as they wend their ways through the
development, editorial, and production processes:

BDS: Biased, Dishonest, Self-Defeating
Posted: 12/23/2013 8:56 am

‫לכל עת‬

For Every Moment

Deciding to boycott israeli academic
institutions, the American studies Association
has aligned itself with the BDs movement,
which calls for boycotts, disinvestment, and
sanctions against israel. The AsA resolution,
approved by voters who received only proBDs materials and no opposing viewpoints,
illustrates the moral and political bankruptcy
of this approach to one of the world's most
complex conflicts.
Most fair-minded people recognize that in
any complicated dispute, responsibility for
the situation and the capacity to solve it are
shared among the parties. Not the BDs posse!
The AsA's action is but the latest example of
a pernicious bias that focuses obsessively
on israel's flaws-real, exaggerated, and
imagined-while ignoring or attempting to
justify the misdeeds, failures, mistakes, and
shortcomings of israel's adversaries. This
willful blindness, which singles out the Jewish
state and it alone, for condemnation and
delegitimization, and holds that nation and it
alone, to standards that it fails or refuses to
impose on others, is the newest form of the
world's most enduring prejudice: anti-semitism.
For a taste of the hypocrisy inherent in
condemning israel for alleged human rights
violations and repressing academic freedom,
consider some of the countries on which the
AsA and the BDs movement exercise the

central conference of american rabbis

* The Sacred Encounter: Jewish Perspectives on Sexuality-This rich and comprehensive
anthology of essays written by rabbis and scholars across the Jewish spectrum, edited by Lisa
Grushcow with a foreword by David Ellenson, is set to debut at convention.
* The New Union Haggadah, Revised Edition-Just sent to the printer! Edited by Howard
Berman, this new edition updates the beloved classic of 1923 while staying true to the approach
and elegant look of the original.
* The Omer: A Counting-Out in time for S'firat HaOmer, this innovative volume by Karyn Kedar,
with an introduction by Brian stoller, is an invitation to experience each day of the Omer through
beautiful, inspirational readings alongside the daily blessing.
* Machzor: Challenge and Change, Volume 2-Also currently at the printer. This collection of
transcriptions from ccAR seminars about the machzor, as well as essays, discussion questions,
and related essays from the CCAR Journal, is a great way to engage your community to prepare
for the arrival of Mishkan HaNefesh.
* Lights in the Forest-This book, edited by Paul citrin, is making its way through the production
process. it focuses on a set of key questions about God, faith, and Jewish peoplehood, with
contributions by thirty-nine different ccAR members.
* L'chol Eit-Our new rabbi's manual is in the last stages of development. Editor Don Goor has
been hard at work making final refinements to the incredible collection of material, much of it
submitted and written by colleagues, and assembled by the advisory group over the last few
years. in addition to the essential basics, this new manual addresses a spectrum of moments in
contemporary rabbinic life not addressed in previous manuals, such as an extensive section on
healing and a chapter related to events in the life of the community as a whole.
* Mishkan T'filah for Youth-The first proofs of this book are gorgeous! This new siddur, created
by a team led by Paula Feldstein and illustrated by the acclaimed Mark Podwal, is for grades
3-5 and includes shabbat and weekday services for families and schools.

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