CCAR Newsletter May-June 2014 - 10

Shacharit Convention Service and Study


And, similar to the High Holy Days, the
Monday Shacharit service always draws the
largest attendance of any service during the

The convention service is, for so many,
a spiritual highlight because we have the
opportunity to pray with others who know how
to pray and who get immense satisfaction
from adding our voices to the larger effort.

Perhaps, then, it was fitting that this year's
Monday morning service was davened from
the yom kippur morning draft service from our
new machzor, Mishkan HaNefesh. Available
glasses of water and t'fillin aside, praying with
such a large group did, in fact, feel a little like
the Yamim Noraim. And it was in the safe
and loving environment that many of us saw
the efforts of the editors and their advisory
committee for the first time.

ithout question, the Monday morning
worship service is the liturgical jewel
of our annual convention. It is our
opportunity to honor those who are celebrating
fifty years since ordination. We hear words of
Torah-traditional and contemporary-from
our Conference president. We remember our
beloved teachers, colleagues, and loved ones
whose lives ended since we last gathered.

It is a stunning work of art, our new machzor.
A carefully crafted tapestry. One that caresses
the language, pulling from it the essence of
what The Day is meant to be for us. So too is it
a necessarily imperfect one. For, no one prayer
book will satisfy the spiritual, theological, and
liturgical needs of every pray-er. It is in this
dissonance that this machzor will be the most
relevant to a new generation. For we too are
imperfect. And struggle with articulating our
own spiritual, theological, and liturgical needs.
Mishkan HaNefesh gives voice to this internal
using a yom kippur service on an ordinary
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Please note that the most current information of
placement opportunities is available on the CCAR
website at on the passwordprotected Placement web page. This page is
updated regularly.
Sarah Bassin, Temple Emanuel of BEvERLy
HILLS, CA, Assistant
Ilene Bogosian, Temple Solel, MISSISSAuGA,
ON, Interim
valerie Cohen, Temple Emanuel-Sinai,
Holly Cohn, Temple B'nai Israel, ALBANy, GA,
Jeff Goldwasser, Temple Sinai, CRANSTON, RI,
Alysa Mendelson Graf, Port Jewish Center, PORT

Our 2015 NAORRR Convention was
scheduled to be held in lovely Scottsdale,
Arizona, years before it would take place. A
contract with many benefits was concluded
with the Embassy Suites. Then the storm
broke: the Arizona legislature passed a bill
validating vendors' and businesses' refusal
to serve members of the LGBT community if
homosexuality was opposed to their "religious
Thousands of protests then came to the
governor's office-including a call, I am proud
to say, from the president of NAORRR-
considering the possibility of NAORRR

Rebecca Gutterman, Congregation B'nai Tikvah,
WALNuT CREEk, CA, Senior
Jonathan Jaffe, Temple Beth El of Northern
Westchester, CHAPPAquA, Ny, Senior
Marc klein, Monmouth Reform Temple, TINTON
FALLS, NJ, Senior
Seth Limmer, Chicago Sinai Congregation,
David Lipper, Temple B'nai Torah, BELLEvuE,
WA, Interim
Bryna Milkow, Temple Ohav Shalom of
Pittsburgh, ALLISON PARk, PA, Solo
Andrew Rosenkranz, Temple Beth Torah,
Scott Saulson, Temple Sholom, NEW MILFORD,
CT, Interim
Richard Shapiro, Congregation Beth Torah,
OvERLAND PARk, kS, Interim
James Simon, Temple Har Shalom, PARk CITy,
uT, Interim
Stephen Julius Stein, Temple Beth-El, ORMOND

Andrew Straus, Central Synagogue, NEW yORk,
Ny, Interim Associate
Heath Watenmaker, Congregation Beth Am, LOS
ALTOS HILLS, CA, Assistant

breaking its contract with the hotel (which
would have brought a penalty of over $30,000
and required a very late continuing site search).
Lovely to note, numerous major corporations
joined in the protest-Delta, Apple, and even
the NFL was involved, threatening rejection of
Arizona as a future Super Bowl site.

The whole matter echoed Bill Maher's question:
"How stupid can religion be?"

After a much publicized deliberation, the
governor, Jan Brewer, vetoed the bill for
"economic reasons." The disappointing
hypocrisy is acute. The veto came not for
justice or righteousness or democracy or civil
rights or human equality but for "economic

Reported to the RPC
Rebecca Solielle Epstein, Congregation Beth
Israel, AuSTIN, TX, Rabbi Educator
James Mirel, Wood River Jewish Community,
SuN vALLEy, ID, Rabbi
Leon Morris, Shalom Hartman Institute NA,
JERuSALEM, vice President
Jordan Parr, Temple Beth El, ODESSA, TX, Rabbi
Stephen Pearce, The Richard S. Dinner Center
for Jewish Studies (CJS) at the
Graduate Theological union (GTu), BERkELEy,
CA, visiting Professor of Jewish Pastoral Care
Daniel Septimus, Texas Hillel at university of
Texas, AuSTIN, TX, Executive Director
Jodi Seewald Smith, Rashi School, BOSTON,
MA, School Rabbi
Eric Stark, AIPAC, WASHINGTON, DC, Deputy
National Director of the Synagogue Initiative

The way now to Scottsdale is open even
though the Arizona legislature is continuing to
maintain a reputation of inane insensitivity.
Come retirees and near-retirees. Enjoy the
scenic beauty, the intellectual stimulation, and
the warm camaraderie for which NAORRR is
known. In spite of an inexplicably frigid winter,
we have weathered both the cold and the
Harvey M. Tattelbaum,
President of NAORRR

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