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(Continued from page 10) Shacharit Convention Service and Study

weekday, however, presented some liturgical
challenges. Using Visual T'filah to augment
the printed words in our hands provided
the perfect solution and allowed everyone
present to share in the growing excitement of
the newest liturgical publication of the CCAR
With the first pre-order period for Mishkan
HaNefesh having come to an end, we are
thrilled to report that over 150 congregations,
as well as several Hillels, have ordered the new
We are also pleased to announce that we will
have a Mishkan HaNefesh Sampler available
for this coming High Holy Day season. It will
be a small booklet, also available as a PDF,
containing some examples of the beautiful
texts that will debut in Mishkan HaNefesh.
For congregations who are not able to pilot
a whole service but would like to give their
congregations a small taste of what is to
come, these pieces could be used as inserts
alongside your current machzor.
For those who do wish to pilot, this coming
High Holy Day season will be the last formal

opportunity to participate in piloting Mishkan
HaNefesh before it goes to press. Over 300
congregations have participated in piloting
opportunities thus far. Feedback from these
congregations has had a significant impact
on the editorial team
as we continue our
work on the machzor.
Beyond just feedback,
piloting is a great
way to introduce your
community to the
new machzor. Piloting
can ease people into
the look and feel of
Mishkan HaNefesh and
build excitement.
The summer is also a
good time to plan some
learning sessions based
on the pilot material.
Some congregations
have found S'lichot to
be an ideal opportunity
to use material from
the pilot drafts and
engage the community. Additional resources
include the two volumes of Machzor: Challenge

and Change, which include extensive material
related to the concepts and liturgy of the
Booklets that will be available for piloting
during the High Holy Days of 2014 include
the following:
Rosh HaShanah Morning
Rosh HaShanah Evening
Kol Nidrei
Yom Kippur Morning (only a limited number will
be available)
Avodah/Yizkor/N'ilah (all in one booklet)
You can either order the booklets for $4 per
booklet (plus shipping), which will be available
in early August, or you can request a PDF and
print them yourself.
For more information on piloting,
on ordering booklets, or on pre-ordering
Mishkan HaNefesh, please write to

For more information and to order, go to or call 212-972-3636 x243 | CCAR * 355 Lexington Avenue * New York, NY 10017

CCAR Newsletter May-June 2014

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