CCAR Newsletter Nov-Dec 2014 - 8

355 Lexington Avenue
New York, New York 10017-6603
Tel 212.972.3636 Fax 212.692.0819
CCAR Elected
Richard A. Block
Denise L. Eger
David E. Stern
VP Organizational
Elaine Zecher
VP Leadership
Samuel Gordon
VP Financial Affairs
Deborah Bravo
VP Programs

CCAR Rabbinic Staff:
Steven A. Fox
Chief Executive
Hara Person
Publisher, CCAR Press
and Director of Strategic
Alan Henkin
Director of Placement
Dan Medwin
Publishing Technology Manager
Ariana Silverman
Interim Manager of Lifelong Learning
Matthew Reimer
Interim Manager of Interim Rabbis
Betsy Torop
Interim Manager of Member Engagement

Stephen Einstein
VP Member Services

Mary Zamore
Interim Manager of Mentoring

Jonathan Stein
Past President

Rex Perlmeter
NYU Social Work Intern
Rebecca Einstein Schorr
Voices of Torah
Amy Scheinerman
Sharing Our Lives
Rebecca Einstein Schorr
Graphic Design: Barbara Leff

Books from CCAR Press

Lights in the Forest:
Rabbis Respond to
Twelve Essential
Jewish Questions
Edited by Rabbi Paul Citrin

Mishkan Moeid: Guide
to the Jewish Seasons
Edited by
Rabbi Peter S. Knobel, PhD

The Sacred Encounter:
Jewish Perspectives on
Edited by Rabbi Lisa
Grushcow, DPhil

Mishkan T'Filah for Children:
A Siddur for Families and
For grades K-2
Edited by Michelle Shapiro
Abraham, RJE,
Readings and Translations by
Michelle Shapiro
Abraham Art by Katie Lipsitt

Mishkan T'Filah for Youth:
A Siddur for Families and
For grades 3-5
Edited by Rabbi Paula Feldstein
Art by Mark Podwal

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CCAR Newsletter Nov-Dec 2014

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