CCAR Newsletter Jan-Feb 2015 - 7

2014 Annual Giving Campaign Donors (CONTINUED)

Mark Joel Mahler
Sharon Marcus
Janet Marder
Sheldon Marder
Ari Margolis
Todd Markley
Gregory Marx
Jeffrey Marx
Simeon Maslin
Erin Ellis Mason
Steven S. Mason
Ronald Mass
Ralph Mecklenburger
Daniel Medwin
Lydia Bloom Medwin
Bernard Mehlman
Batsheva Meiri
Amy Memis-Foler
Paul Menitoff
Joseph Meszler
David Meyer
Daniel Mikelberg
Laurence Milder
Bryna Milkow
Aaron Miller
Adam Miller
Bennett Miller
Heather Ellen Miller
Mark Miller
Sydney Mintz
Michelle Missaghieh

Evan Moffic
Amy Morrison
Jeremy Morrison
Joel Mosbacher
Daniel Moskovitz
Randi Musnitsky
Nancy Myers
Mara Nathan
Howard Needleman
Ellen Nemhauser
Robert Nosanchuk
Janet Offel
Stacy Offner
David Ostrich
Andrew Paley
Aaron Panken
Michelle Pearlman
Julie Pelc Adler
Amy Perlin
Karen Perolman
Elana Perry
Jonah Pesner
Michael Pincus
Debra Pine
Gary Pokras
Gayle Pomerantz
Sally Priesand
Seymour Prystowsky
Bruce Raff
Ferenc Raj
Lawrence Raphael

WRN News

In the midst of these troubling times, when it's
difficult to know how to prioritize the immediate
needs of so many pressing causes, the WRN
is keenly aware that it must be very deliberate
and intentional about how to focus its energies,
attention, and resources.
At the November two-day annual retreat, the
Board clarified personal roles as well as the
collective organizational focus.
To that end, a clarification of our mission:
* Advocating for systemic change in the rabbinate
to support women rabbis
* Promoting leadership in issues of social justice
and scholarship
* Providing mentorship to our newest colleagues
* Providing support for the wide scope of the work
of our members
* Communicating our purpose in a comprehensive
way that allows all women rabbis to avail
themselves of our support
In order to achieve these aims in concrete ways,

Laura Schwartz Harari
Amy Schwartzman
Adrienne Scott
Ronald Segal
Daniel Septimus
Larry Sernovitz
Isaac Serotta
Barton Shallat
Susan Shankman
Judy Shanks
Dean Shapiro
Howard Shapiro
Mark Dov Shapiro
Richard Shapiro
Ronald Shapiro
Zachary Shapiro
Benjamin Sharff
Randy Sheinberg
Arnold Sher
Charles Sherman
Daniel Sherman
Rebecca Shinder
Scott Shpeen
Alexandria Shuval
Judith Siegal
James Simon
Joel Simon
Joel Simonds
Beth Singer
Jonathan Singer

Frederick Reeves
Rebecca Reice
David Reiner
Fred Reiner
Debra Robbins
Daniel Roberts
W. Jack Romberg
Jonathan Roos
Kenneth Roseman
Brigitte Rosenberg
Jason Rosenberg
Harry Rosenfeld
Andrew Rosenkranz
Adam Rosenwasser
John Rosove
Donald Rossoff
Lisa Rubin
Peter Rubinstein
Elissa Sachs-Kohen
Douglas Sagal
Jared Saks
Maurice Salth
Robert Samuels
David Sandmel
Rachel Saphire
Jeffrey Saxe
Richard Schechter
Amy Scheinerman
Stanley Schickler
Judith Schindler
Jeremy Schneider

our very focused short-term plans for the coming
year will include:
* Continuing to provide in-person and distance
learning programs for building skills and
supporting scholarship (such as the Op-Ed
Project we provided at our 2013 convention, and
our ongoing national study conference calls)
* Identifying the recipients of this year's tzedakah
fund monies as well as discussing social justice
presentations for the WRN dinner at the CCAR
convention and the WRN convention in June
* Advocating for salary equity and job development
for women as well as providing skills directly related
to career advancement
* Creating a resource bank of materials related to
parental leave and work-life balance for all rabbis
* Initiating affinity groups for mentorship, sharing,
and support
Each of the board members recognizes that
the WRN mission cannot be realized without
the continued input and involvement of our
membership. If you have not been receiving our
eblasts, please contact us at membership We will be
meeting at our annual dinner at the CCAR


Suzanne Singer
Jeffrey Sirkman
Joel Sisenwine
Joseph Skloot
Matthew Soffer
David Sofian
Scott Sperling
Adam Spilker
Samuel Stahl
Cyril Stanway
Peter Stein
Richard Steinberg
David Stern
Keith Stern
Ronald Stern
Jeffrey Stiffman
Andrew Straus
Mark Strauss-Cohn
Micah Streiffer
Joshua Strom
Lance Sussman
Taron Tachman
Arnold Task
Lennard Thal
David Thomas
Karen Thomashow
Livia Thompson
Rachel Timoner
Betsy Torop
Andrew Vogel
Gerald Weider

Joshua Weinberg
Michael Weinberg
Daniel Weiner
Martin Weiner
Scott Weiner
Thomas Weiner
Baht Weiss
Cory Weiss
Julia Weisz
Michael White
David Widzer
Laura Novak Winer
Richard Winer
Stephen Wise
Eric Wisnia
Gregory Wolfe
David Woznica
Eric Yoffie
Mary Zamore
Deborah Zecher
Elaine Zecher
Michael Zedek
Irwin Zeplowitz
Brian Zimmerman
Sheldon Zimmerman
Misha Zinkow
Israel Zoberman
Gary Zola
Gershon Zylberman

convention, on Tuesday, March 17. We are
especially looking forward to seeing you at our
Convention "El Rosh HeHar" in Denver, CO,
May 31-June 3, 2015. Our scholar-in-residence
will be Jamie Korngold (C '99), and we will also
take full advantage of the local educational
and communal resources. For more information
and to register, write to us at convention @
We recognize that our energies and focus on
behalf of women rabbis, in particular, ultimately
result in strengthening the entire Reform rabbinate.
We are grateful for our enduring connections to,
and relationship with, the CCAR and for the trust
women rabbis place in us for the vital work we do
on all our behalf.
We look forward to our continuing and evolving
dialogue and friendship with our colleagues!
Shalom uv'rachah,
Ellen Nemhauser and Alysa Mendelson Graf,
Jackie Koch Ellenson,

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