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MAY * JUNE 2015 | Volume 62 - Issue 5

Do justice, love mercy, and Tweet humbly with your God.

As I said in my opening sermon:
"Our Conference has always been at the forefront of human rights
and human dignity. We know this is true because it is a reflection of what we believe. The
simple assertion that: Human Beings are created in the Divine Image, b'tzelem Elohim. And our
dedication to human dignity and human rights as a Conference, as leaders of Reform Judaism, is
evident in our work.
The history of the CCAR speaks to the fact that our rabbis and our Conference have always taken
important positions on the issues of our day and time, and our Reform rabbis have been leaders in
social justice issues dealing with the poor and impoverished, civil rights, LGBT rights, immigration
reform and immigrant rights, reproductive justice, and so many other issues....
Our rabbinic voices are so needed in the world today. The role we can play in highlighting what
must be done in our society and world is critical. And our people, the Jewish people, are hungry
for our leadership.... This isn't mere politics. It is the prophetic call for justice for those in society
who are oppressed."
I know many of you are engaged in this holy work within your congregations and communities
and in your countries. It is important to highlight that this kind of work is among our most sacred
One way we can help one another in our work is to highlight each other's work through the use
of social media. Social media, whether, Facebook, Twitter, or one of the many other platforms, not
only reaches our young people, but can create a strong network of support for one another even
if we live far away from each other. Our virtual connections can play themselves out in real time
and make the personal meet-up sweeter still!
It is a critical tool of the contemporary rabbinate to be as comfortable navigating social media as
with a page of Talmud. Figuring out how to share our texts through these different media is the
way we rabbis will open up our tradition and ourselves to exciting opportunities for engagement
and support of one another. Be sure to follow all of our CCAR communications on Twitter
@ReformRabbis and retweet it! If you are not already on Facebook engaging in the amazing
online discussion of our members' only Facebook page, then you are missing out on many
profound discussion among our colleagues. It's like an online yeshiva. Please join in our
Facebook members' only page and like our CCAR page-ReformRav. Friend your colleagues and
repost the important holy social justice work in which they are engaged. We can uplift one another
and create a viral spiritual message of what we Reform Jews and we Reform Rabbis stand for.
We can use these tools in our work of shaping Jewish minds and hearts. Especially in regards to
our social justice work that speaks to the voice of the prophets and reminds us what God wants of
us: Do justice, love mercy, and Tweet humbly with your God.

Brigitte, Wendi,

and the 2015 Convention Committee Members:
On behalf of all of the CCAR Staff and
Membership, thank you for your
commitment to the Philadelphia Convention
Planning Committee for our 126th
Convention in Philadelphia.
You helped create a truly rich, exciting,
and meaningful Convention experience
for 550 attendees. The feedback suggests
that this was an extraordinarily successful
Convention, due in large part to your
excellent work.
Please know that we appreciate the
tremendous time and effort you expended
in preparation and planning. We look
forward to your continued involvement
with the CCAR.

Rabbi Steven A. Fox
Chief Executive


In this, my first column as president, a great thank you to each of you for
the privilege and great honor of serving our Conference as president.
During our most recent excellent convention-thank you chair, Brigitte
Rosenberg, and vice chair, Wendi Geffen, and committee-we focused
the first day of our gathering on human rights issues.


Denise L. Eger


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