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(212) 542-8784

Please note that the most current information about placement opportunities is available on
the CCAR website at on the password-protected Placement web pages.
These pages are updated regularly.
TERI APPLEBY, Congregation B'nai Jeshurun, Lincoln, NE, Solo Rabbi
BRIAN BEAL, Temple Beth El, Jersey City, NJ, Interim Rabbi
PETER SCHAKTMAN, Temple Emanu-El, Utica, NY, Solo Rabbi
PAULA WINNIG, Madison Jewish Federation, Madison, WI, Executive Director

CORRECTION: Stacy Petersohn, Congregation Emanu-El Israel in Greensburg,
PA, Solo Rabbi

Connect with WRN
The Women's Rabbinic Network (WRN) advocates for and supports the women rabbis of the
Reform Movement through national initiatives like our work on pay equity, family leave, and the
advancement of women within the rabbinate, as well as public thought leadership. WRN also
supports individual rabbis, during personal and professional challenges (and celebrations!)
through individual consultations and our caring community program, which continues to expand.
There are also monthly webinars, on both Torah and professional topics, with excellent scholars
and teachers. This year we are incorporating some new webinars that focus on renewing and
expanding foundational rabbinic skills. You can take advantage of these opportunities or get
involved as a volunteer.
There are also opportunities to gather with other WRN members. At the Biennial and CCAR
Conventions we always gather for a meal together, often going out. This December 7, Thursday,
we will be having dinner in Back Bay, Boston, a short walk from the convention center. Register on
the WRN website. In between national gatherings and our own WRN Biennial Convention (next
one will be in fiscal year 2018/19), many of our members create local, regional programs. Some
groups gather regularly; others hold special programs once or twice a year. WRN can provide some
funding for regional programs. Just contact us with your ideas to get pre-approval.
A Pew Research Center Internet & Technology report concluded that women are generally more
frequent users of Facebook. The report found a greater sense of emotional support amongst all
users, regardless of gender, with a larger and continually growing network of Facebook friends.
These findings confirm what the WRN has experienced. Our private WRN Facebook page is of
great value to our membership. While we would never compare the significance of in-person
interactions to those on social media, with our geographically diverse members and the demands of
our vocations and personal lives, we are grateful for the opportunity for support and camaraderie
over the internet. The way in which our members, many of whom have never met in person, will
immediately respond to a query or a request for help or even support as someone shares her story
of accomplishment or heartache is a testament to the sense of sisterhood we feel for one another in
our many unique roles. It is a secret group, meaning that you need to be invited to join. Contact us
if you are not in the group, which has almost 550 members to date.
If you have not yet renewed/begun your membership for 5778, please visit your account on
the WRN website to renew/enroll: No one is ever denied
membership for financial reasons. Your membership helps support everything we do.
Looking forward to connecting with you soon, either in person or online.
Ellen Nemhauser

Amy L. Memis-Foler

Mary L. Zamore

Moreover, we are pleased to let you know that
Betsy will be joining the CCAR full time in January
as the director of member engagement, support,
and professional growth (more information
will be coming on new role for her in a future
Newsletter). This development is a direct outcome
of feedback from you about the significance of the
role that we can play in supporting one another,
and what a difference that can make not just in a
time of struggle or crisis, and in our daily lives as
rabbis and family members.
Some of you have asked about rabbis' libraries
that were lost in the hurricane or in other
natural disasters, along with congregational/
organizational books. The CCAR has and will
replace any books published by the CCAR Press
that any individual rabbi lost during the hurricane
from their personal library. Also, we have and
will continue to work with congregations/
organization that have lost their prayer books,
machzorim, or other books that we publish so
that they can replace the books with minimal
cost. We always appreciate donations to cover
those costs, as some of you did when several of
our colleagues lost books to Hurricane Sandy. It
will be a slow assessment and recovery, and most
of the colleagues impacted are not yet ready
to accept deliveries. But we stand ready to help
when the time is right.
As an organization of staff and volunteers, we
are continually working on improving the ways
in which we can support and hold each other up
in our rabbinic lives, especially during difficult
times. All of you have seen the Member Support
Report that was issued by Betsy and the Task Force
she has worked with, and they are now leading
a deep dive into the meaning of the findings
related to loneliness, isolation, and stress that
emerged from the work. Betsy will be in touch with
all of us in the coming months as she continues
this important project and her new work for the
rabbinate and thus for the Jewish community.
My best wishes to each of you for a year of
health, safety, and success in your personal lives
and professional endeavors.

Rabbi Samuel Cohon was suspended under the
CCAR Code of Ethics, Section I.A. (Personal
Responsibility - Family), Section I.B. (Personal
Responsibility - Social), Section V. (Sexual
Boundaries), and Section VI.E.2.c.1.c. (Rabbi
previously censured for a prior allegation and failed
to meet with conditions of that censure).

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