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The Central Address for Continuing Education for All Reform Rabbis

THE CCAR SUPPORTS ITS MEMBERS personally as well as professionally. Colleagues
help colleagues in a number of ways, as do CCAR Rabbinic Staff and lay leadership:
* Would you like to speak to a colleague
about a professional issue? Our carefully
selected and trained CCAR Colleagues
on Call, listed at the CCAR website, are
available to assist you.
* Need help in a personal or professional
crisis? For the Rapid Response Hotline,
please call Edie Meyerson at 917-7475432 or Pearl Barlev at 310-880-5849 or
Charles P. (Charlie) Rabinowitz at 914-8342880 or 914-844-8368.
* Facing unemployment or
underemployment? A number of
resources are available to you at the CCAR
website. Or, call a member of the CCAR
Rabbinic Staff.
* Are you or someone you know struggling
with addiction? CCAR's Alcoholism and
Addiction Response and Recovery Support
(Andrea Cosnowsky, chair) is available
to provide support to colleagues who
are dealing with addiction, along with
resources for rabbis looking to support
others. RabbiCosnowsky@congetzchaim.
org or 630-981-4225.

* Share news about you and your family with
other colleagues? Information may be sent

* Want to discuss topics with colleagues or
query them? Check out CCAR's Facebook
page, RavKav, and RavBlog.

* Seeking news about colleagues and their
families? You may find the listing of such
information in the CCAR Newsletter, at
CCAR's Facebook page, and at the CCAR

Please know that all conversations with a
colleague through any of these support
opportunities will be completely confidential,
unless you disclose communications of
imminent danger to yourself or others, or of
harm to minors or incapacitated persons.
No ethical violations will be reported, though
each of us is encouraged to self-report a
direct breach of the CCAR Ethics Code.

* Hoping to learn from
colleagues who have
prevailed over an illness
or other personal hardship
such as divorce? Contact
* Interested in talking about transitions?
Contracts? Difficult issues? Contact: Steve
Fox at, Cindy Enger at
* Wish to assist colleagues or spouses
of deceased rabbis in emergency
circumstances? Make a contribution to the
Hesed Fund and/or the Mitzvah Fund at

* Resources for Recently Ordained Rabbis
* Sermon Seeds for High Holy Days
* LGBT Resources, including Gay
and Lesbian Marriage
* Sharing Sabbatical Experiences
* Creative Yom Kippur Afternoon
* Resources on Interfaith Marriage,
including CCAR webinar for temple

Mentoring Program:
Transformative three-year program required
for newly ordained rabbis transitioning from
student life into the complex field of the
rabbinate. Each participant works one-on-one
with a veteran volunteer colleague. Mentoring
arrangements are also available to veteran
colleagues under some circumstances.
Group Supervision or
Coaching for Women:
Group coaching and group supervision to
address the unique challenges facing women
rabbis. Select the approach that suits you.

Coaching for Rabbis: Referrals to
professional and executive coaches for all
rabbis, as well as small-group work for rabbis
beginning in solo settings or new pulpits.
Retirement Coaching:
Pre-Retirement Group Coaching Program for
those rabbis who are planning to retire in the
not too distant future, working with peers and
a trained professional coach.
Coaching for Interim Rabbis:
CCAR provides coaching for rabbis currently
serving in interim positions.

Individual Consultants available:
* Speech/sermon writing
* Technology learning
* Career transitions
* Spiritual direction
CCAR Rabbinic Staff
remains available to work with you
individually on any issue you may be facing
today. For further details, please contact
Steven Fox, Cindy Enger, or Betsy Torop.

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