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DUES AS A PERCENTAGE OF OPERATING REVENUE AT THE MEDIAN: 50% 41% CLUBS WITH GOLF CITY CLUBS 49% 37% YACHT CLUBS ALL CLUBS THE DUES ENGINE A club's dues engine has two cylinders-the amount a member pays to belong to the club and the number of members paying dues. The balance between those two cylinders is directly related to the club's financial health and the value proposition presented to its members. MEMBER COUNT MEMBER DUES + High OPERATING RESULT MEMBER VALUE = Balanced Low + PER C O S T BE R M ME = Exclusive Low High + Low NU M E M BE R MB OF ER S = High Imbalance POWERED BY CLUB BENCHMARKING Spring 2014 17

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Club Management Spring 2014

President's Message
We Need You Call for Club Executive of the Year Nominations
Member News
Profiles in Excellence
The Business of Dues
Strategies That Work
Critcal Year DiOrio's 2014 focus: Replacing longtime CEO Singerling
HFTP Insight
Change Equals Involvement and Communication From the "catch of the day" to "an idea on the hook," The Club at Mediterra uses a club think tank to collect team ideas
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Club Management Spring 2014