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Volume 38 Issue 1 Organizational Health and Wellness Winter 2015 People & Strategy The Professional Journal of HRPS PERSPECTIVES Six Lessons on Leadership Robert Hogan, Ph.D. Counterpoints: Dave Winsborough / Robert B. Kaiser / Adrian Furnham / Allan H. Church, Ph.D. / Joshua Ehrlich, Ph.D. FEATURES Securing Lasting Value through Organizational Health Michael Bazigos, Ph.D., Aaron De Smet, Ph.D., and Bill Schaninger, Ph.D. Capturing the Value of Health and Productivity Programs Keith Caver, Thomas O. Davenport, and Steven Nyce Tone at the Top: Leadership as the Foundation of Organizational Health and Wellness Kathleen T. Ross, Ph.D., and Paul Squires, Ph.D. The City Awakens to the Challenge of Mental Health Yochanan Altman, Ph.D., Clive Morton, Ph.D., Elizabeth Cotton, Roger Kline, and Michelle Altman CASE STUDY Regaining Organizational Health and Vitality: Ford Motor Company's Positive Adaption to the Challenges of the Automotive Industry Crisis Chris Emmons, Ph.D.

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People & Strategy Winter 2015 Vol. 38 Issue 1