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ctober was NAHB's Careers in Construction Month, when
they reach out to the public about all the great jobs available
in home building. It got me thinking about the labor shortage
problem our industry is having right now.
There's no shortage of construction projects. The problem is, there aren't enough workers. I see stories all the time
about labor shortages, the aging workforce and how construction is not an attractive
industry to the younger generation. Kids are becoming more college educated, which
is great, but there are lots of opportunities to earn a good living without a fouryear degree. Our industry NEEDS Carpenters, electricians, plumbers, roofers and
construction laborers on a daily basis. Did you know that on MBIA's website there's
a "Hiring Needs Survey." It only takes a couple minutes to fill it out and help the
Association better gauge industry trends and needs.
I was one of those kids who went to college. After I graduated I got a job in advertising. Pretty quickly, however, I realized my true passion was for homebuilding,
which was something my builder father instilled in me. I grew up working for him
very early in life. He was proud of his profession and so am I!
I know that most of you are like me, you're in this business because you love it. But
sooner rather than later, a good many of us will be retiring and I wonder if there will
be enough new workers to replace people leaving the profession. How do we address
the workforce challenge and recruit the next generation? For one thing we need to
change the perception of our industry. We should celebrate the work our skilled laborers do and recognize how they help keep our economy moving forward.
We need to re-engage students by better educating them about technical schools
and construction industry trade education, and through training, apprenticeships and
mentoring and get kids interested in pursuing a career in building tomorrow's homes.
And that means boys and girls both! Diversifying our workforce could be big step
toward addressing the labor shortage.
MBIA's Chapters are getting more involved. The Eastern Shore chapter helped
secure a grant from the State to cover student's tuition for a carpentry class taught by
Wor-Wic Community College in Salisbury. After graduation OUR members interview students for local jobs. The Chapter will also participate in the Junior Achievement of the Eastern Shore Career Opportunities in 2020, which offers students the
opportunity to learn about careers in time to plan their high school coursework. The
event will involve 3,000 8th graders! And, Chapter members will again participate in
Career Day at Snow Hill Middle School and Opportunity Day at Worcester Technical School next spring.
Labor shortages may be a top challenge for builders, but I think we're up
to it! Let's do our part to help secure the
talent required to move our companies
and our industry forward.
President, MBIA




Fall 2019

President, Tim Morris
1st Vice President, Jude Burke
Vice President Advocacy/ State, Mike McCann
Vice President Advocacy/ Washington, Barbara Richman
Vice President Advocacy/ Baltimore, Jeremy Rutter
Vice President Advocacy/ Eastern Shore, Jim DiDonato
Vice President, Associates, Dusty Rood
Membership Chair, Patrick J. Bollinger
Vice President, Associates, Dusty Rood
Treasurer, Rob Kase
Secretary, Mike Schueler
Life Director, Dan Murtaugh
Immediate Past President, Jeff Caruso
Legal Counsel, Jack Orrick

Advocacy/Anne Arundel County, Marilee Tortorelli
Advocacy/Baltimore City, Jon Laria
Advocacy/Baltimore County, Jennifer R. Busse, Esq.
Advocacy/Carroll County, James Mathias
Advocacy/Charles County, Doug Meeker
Advocacy/Eastern Shore, Paula Bahler
Advocacy/Howard County, Jason Van Kirk
Advocacy/Montgomery County, Sylkie Knuppel
Advocacy/Prince George's County, Ken Dunn
Advocacy/Southern Maryland, Jim Gotsch
Advocacy/Upper Chesapeake, Michael Charlton
Advocacy/Washington DC, Ryan Stewart

Builder Mart, Joe Fleury
Custom Builders Council, Larry Cafritz
Future Industry Leaders, Jeff Barba
Land Development Council, Will Pippen
Multifamily Housing Council, Steve Rubin
Professional Women in Building Council, Carly Schrader
Remodelers Council, Rich Lang
Sales & Marketing Council, Ceilie Holmes

Steve Appler
Judy Borns
Seth Churchill
Jamie Fraser
Mike Griffith

Phil Hughes
Cindy Plackmeyer
J.D. Russell
Robert Spalding

Builders Development Guaranty Group/President, Scott Nicholson
Home Builders Care Foundation/President, Mike Karns
Lori Graf, CEO
Kelly H. Grudziecki
Director, Internal

Chris Baughan
Sales Manager
The YGS Group
Creative Director,
Serena L. Spiezio
Graphic Designer, Zon Buckley
Account Manager, Tamara Smith

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