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Voices & opinions Of the six leadership styles — command and control, relating, democratic, goal-setting, hands-on and coaching — what type do you embrace, and how has it worked for you? “ An effective CEO must utilize all types of [leadership] styles as situations warrant. Strategic planning requires openness to ideas and consensusbuilding along with goal-setting. Coaching is invaluable on a one-to-one basis when agreeing to assigned accountability and performance. Meanwhile, crisis management calls for command and control as well as hands-on intervention. ” – BOB TEAChwORTh, president and CEO, Denali Alaskan FCU, Anchorage, Alaska “ If I had to select just one, it would probably be democratic. however, I really don’t know how a credit union leader can utilize just one style. leaders cannot be leaders unless they have passion for what they are doing, communicate frequently, set clear direction and goals, manage with consistency and compassion, mentor, celebrate successes and take the blame for failures. – CAREN C. GABRIEl, president and CEO, Ascend FCU, Tullahoma, Tenn. “ My style is a combination of relating, democratic and coaching. It is important to build a strong team for a number of reasons: I don’t know everything, I need others to help get things done, and it is important to build future leaders. Goals are important because we need focus and clear objectives. Every team member, from the newest employee to the most seasoned, should know what we are about and what we are trying to accomplish. ” – JOhN lUND, president and CEO, America First FCU, Ogden, Utah “ I am a very hands-off type of manager. I try to hire the best and give them support to run their own operations. I don’t baby-sit. I believe people want that freedom to grow and make their own mistakes in order to learn, so I have always turned over the reins until they proved they couldn’t handle it. ” – C. KIPP STEChER, president and CEO, AmeriChoice FCU, Mechanicsburg, Pa. ” “ There are times when you have to shift styles to support a wide range of staff. I think relating and democratic styles work together nicely. I’m the person who needs to make sure that, as an organization, we have a strong rapport with each other and a consensus on our direction. ” – RICK ODENThAl, CEO, Central Minnesota CU, Melrose, Minn. “ I think relating best describes my style. I try to have a relationship of trust so we’re able to share the good and bad, knowing that we all have the same end in mind. If we can accomplish that, there are no surprises. ” – DARRyl K. lONG, president and CEO, Baton Rouge Telco FCU, Baton Rouge, la. “ Goal-setting is my style. what gets measured gets done. It is also critically important that people be held accountable for their goals. If they cannot consistently meet those goals, we coach/ counsel them through it in an effort to get them where they need to be. I identify the most with relating (although coaching is a very strong second). Because we are a small employer (under 100), I get to know employees, and I make myself totally accessible to them. I talk a lot about collaboration. This builds camaraderie and encourages future interactions amongst different departments. – ERIK ShAw, president and CEO, FivePoint FCU, Nederland, Texas – ROBERT l. ARESTI, president and CEO, 360 FCU, windsor locks, Conn. “ ” 2 ” The Federal CrediT Union July–August 2013

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