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from the chair Transition and Consistency at NAFCU By Mike Parsons, NAFCU Chair C hange is vital to keeping an organization healthy. Fresh perspectives can shed light on forgotten corners and bring new thinking and strategies to the foreground. But some things must always stay the same: Although our leadership at NAFCU is changing this summer, our singular focus is on our membership, and our priorities in representing the credit union industry will not waver. The NAFCU Board and Management team is wholeheartedly committed to carrying on that tradition.  At the end of this month, Fred Becker will step down after more than 13 years of service to your association as its president and CEO. Fred’s energetic leadership and devotion to the credit union industry will be missed. He transformed NAFCU into a real player in Washington — extending its reach, enhancing its financial footing and increasing its membership. Under Fred’s guidance, NAFCU has clearly become an exceptional full-fledged trade association in every sense of the word; NAFCU is well-respected in Washington and across the country. Taking the helm is Dan Berger, currently executive vice president of government affairs. Dan joined NAFCU in 2006 and certainly knows his way around Washington: Over that period, he has managed five NAFCU divisions. He has increased our grassroots outreach and solidified our reputation as an aggressive advocacy group on the Hill, where he has bipartisan respect. Dan has also overseen the enhancement of our highly regarded compliance assistance program — which member credit unions across the country rely on. He has the experience necessary to continue NAFCU’s mission of making the issues that are relevant to the credit union community a top priority. Fred put it well: “Dan is the right choice at the right time. He is a creative, strong leader respected for his integrity and can-do attitude. I’m confident he will lead NAFCU to further success, and I know I am leaving the association in good hands.” Both Fred and Dan represent NAFCU’s tradition of a singular-focused member service. It is a tradition that will continue through this transition and well beyond: Regardless of who is leading the charge, NAFCU and the credit unions it represents are about putting members first. Fred has seen us through crises in the past, including the fight for corporate stabilization — the most significant crisis to face our industry in its history. As future challenges arise, I know Dan will continue Fred’s practice of direct, daily personal interaction and hands-on leadership. When this transition was announced in January, Dan noted that “everything we do and continue to do will be done through the filter of what is in the best interest of NAFCU members. Period.” We are experiencing a time of rapid and significant change for our industry. But across the country — and especially in forgotten areas underserved by other institutions — credit unions are making a difference every day, helping individuals and businesses achieve their goals. NAFCU’s success can be directly attributed to that of our members. Our members’ goals are our goals, too. I’d like to thank you, our NAFCU members, for your unwavering support of NAFCU, and for all the progress we’ve made in the past and are certain to make in the future as we continue the success of our association. And I am confident that the important things — those things that must never change — will carry on. Regardless of who is leading the charge, NAFCU and the credit unions it represents are about putting members first. The Federal CrediT Union July–August 2013

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