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getting to know … Todd Mashaw Chief Executive Officer St. Lawrence Federal Credit Union Ogdensburg, N.Y. Todd Mashaw has been CEO for three years, and he oversees and directs all activities relating to St. lawrence Federal Credit Union’s mission, vision and values. he is responsible for the planning and implementation of all policies established by the credit union’s board of directors and is the primary advocate of St. lawrence FCU’s culture. Q. You spent more than 16 years in the banking industry before moving to St. lawrence FCU. What has been the biggest adjustment? A. It doesn’t seem like there’s a big differ- ence, from the outside, but once you get in, I discovered a lot of the small details. It took me about 2½ years to get into what I call “credit union world.” I’m fully immersed in and thoroughly enjoy the personal philosophy credit unions have. I like looking at a loan that a bank might not look at. Q. You broke ground on some new construction in January. How is that project coming along? A. Our main branch is 4,600 square feet, and we’re adding just under an 11,000-square-foot addition. Then we’re going into Phase 2 of the project, which will be to have the construction team come into our existing building and completely remodel it for back office operations. It’s a two-story addition. The second story won’t be finished off right away. It will be for future growth. We actually started running out of space. We’re looking to move into the new offices on June 10. Q. Why do you tell potential customers they should consider enrolling in St. lawrence FCU? A. I like to give people the time of day. I think that helps develop relationships for long-term membership. We will talk to everybody. If they have questions, if they 64 have comments, they are not brushed aside. They can call, they can come in, and we will give them the time so they understand what they need to understand. A lot of places claim that, but we actually do it. to take advantage, but it’s worked well for me. If I make them happy, they are smiling when members come in. Q. Community involvement is im- Q. Favorite movie? A. The Quiet Man with John Wayne, The portant to St. lawrence FCU. What are some of your recent efforts? A. We’ve been involved with several county organizations. We are completing a three-year commitment to the St. Lawrence Fire Training Facility, Frederic Remington Art Museum and the Canton Community Fund this year. The city police department approached me about the DARE [Drug Abuse Resistance Education] program, which we support annually. We also purchased a piece of equipment for the city police/county drug task force. Q. Describe your leadership style Q. Favorite food? A. Roast beef and mashed potatoes. Last of the Mohicans and Braveheart … historical-type movies. Q. Favorite book? A. I just finished reading Killing Lincoln, and that’s the first book I’ve read in four or five years. In each issue of The Federal Credit Union, this column will introduce you to an employee from a NAFCU-member credit union. If you’d like for us to “get to know” you, or someone you know, please email and from where it developed? A. My former boss was very controlling, and he kept a tight reign. The person I followed here was extremely loose, so I’ve seen both ends of the spectrum. I give the employees a good reason to like to come in to work. I would describe it as more open. I listen to my support people, and I ask them for their opinion. I still make the decisions, because that’s my responsibility. It’s a nice atmosphere to come in to work every day. I make the atmosphere light. You will find one or two who try The Federal CrediT Union July–August 2013

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