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Voices & opinions Does your credit union need a chief digital officer? “ “ We are a small credit union and have hired a small local company that specializes in credit union IT to help us with our technology needs. The COO and I take on extra duties to make sure all the security and compliance issues are resolved. We could use a chief digital officer, but the question is, can we afford one? Not at this point. We are a small CU ($27 million) — our needs are not as great as a larger CU. I take on this responsibility; actually, everyone in my CU wears multiple hats! We need to rely on the expertise of vendors to walk us through any new technologies and handle much of the support. – ANN blAIN, CeO, Chiropractic FCU, Farmington, mich. – CAROl K. KRISTIANSON, president and CeO, Winthrop-University hospital employees FCU, mineola, N.Y. ” ” “ We do not currently have a chief digital officer (we’re $300 million in assets). Our IT manager handles the function. but we have gone from just an IT manager six years ago to a total of four employees in an IT department. We anticipate that we will need additional employees in this department in the next couple of years in order to stay on top of the changing technical needs. And the employees that we hire are needing ever increasing education. ” – ChUCK GARNeR, president and CeO, Oregonians CU, milwaukie, Ore. “ “ We have a highly qualified senior vice president/chief technology officer who could also be considered our chief digital and/or chief information officer. he leads a technology team of 11. With $650 million in assets and having just completed a core data processing conversion, we could not survive and compete without a CTO and other talent in our technology department. We are $20 million in assets. I’m the CeO (chief everything officer). We can’t afford anyone to fill COO, CFO, CCO or any other O, let alone a CDO. The burdens of a small (full-service) credit union are not that much different than a $100 million [one], yet we have to do what we have to do! – DAvID SeelY, president and CeO, Kirtland FCU, Albuquerque, N.m. – JeRRY bOlDUC, CeO, monroe County Teachers FCU, Key West, Fla. “ ” ” About a year ago, SDFCU hired a director of e-strategy and innovation to work on these issues. because our membership is worldwide, SDFCU needs a strong remote delivery channel. She focuses on the member’s experience when using our electronic delivery channels, such as mobile and online banking. her goal is to ensure the experience is as smooth and customer-friendly as one might find in a branch or call center. We employ a chief technology officer at the executive level to ensure that we are consistently in compliance with regulatory issues, implementing the most advanced technological trends and protecting our members from any potential security threats. by adapting to and embracing innovation, we are able to meet the complex and ever-changing needs of our membership. – JAN N. ROChe, president and CeO, State Department FCU, Alexandria, va. – SCOTT WOODS, president and CeO, South Carolina FCU, North Charleston, S.C. ” 2 “ ” The Federal CrediT Union September–OctOber 2013

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