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getting to know … Denise Cooper Chief Executive Officer Upper Cumberland Federal Credit Union Crossville, Tenn. Denise Cooper has managed the Upper Cumberland Federal Credit Union for 34 years. She’s responsible for implementing the strategic direction of the board of directors and for being an active participant in planning for future membership services. Q. How long have you been CEO at Upper Cumberland, and what other roles have you had at Upper Cumberland? A. I began working for Carter Inx Federal Credit Union in 1978 as the sole employee and was blessed with learning every function of managing the credit union. The credit union office was located within the sponsor’s office. The credit union did not purchase their first building until 1990, and later changed the credit union name to Upper Cumberland FCU. I have been a true-blue credit union supporter for 34 years. Q. Upper Cumberland has I loved. I learned a lot from President and CEO Wayne Hope (Enrichment Federal Credit Union). I liked that he had strong managers over each department. Even though our credit union is small compared to Enrichment FCU, we have followed that model. I am not afraid to make a decision, but I know better decisions are made when we have a team of dedicated employees helping to plan for the future. Q. Favorite food? A. My aunt’s fried apple pies. Q. What makes you want to get up Q. Favorite movie? A. The Notebook. and go to work every day? Q. Favorite television show? A. NCIS. Q. Favorite book? A. The book I have spent the most time reading and studying is the Bible. I really don’t know of a better way to get answers. A. Knowing that the credit union is very much needed by the community. I love that our job and our volunteers’ service to the community really matters. recently celebrated its 75-year anniversary. What do you attribute Upper Cumberland’s success and longevity to? Q. What new and exciting volunteers that have believed in having a local credit union to serve the people in the Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee. These unpaid volunteers have never asked for special favors and have unselfishly served the membership. In each issue of The Federal Credit Union, this column will introduce you to an employee from a NAFCU-member credit union. If you’d like for us to “get to know” you, or someone you know, please email the works. We are strongly considering building a small branch using remote teller units and intelligent ATMs. We would have visible member advisers to help members gravitate toward mobile banking, Popmoney, home banking, bill payment, etc. A. There have been so many dedicated Q. Describe your leadership style and how you developed it. A. I have learned a lot by reviewing the success and failure of other businesses. I review various business publications to gain knowledge of business success and failure. I did not complete my college degree until 20 years after I found the job 40 things will be happening in the near future? A. There are several strategic plans in Q. What’s your favorite fall activity? A. Taking drives through Tennessee back roads to see the fall colors. There are beautiful road trips in Tennessee where you do not deal with bumper-tobumper traffic. The Federal Credit Union September–October 2013

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