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BUSINESS TALK PechaKucha The Art of Delivering Effective Presentations By Dave Salter Y Photo by Michael Holmes our gut's telling you to cut him off. You know it could be boring, time-consuming and not the best use of the team's schedule. But there's no way around it. You've got to suffer through your colleague's PowerPoint presentation this morning, whether you like it or not. Presentations are a way of business life, and technology has certainly improved the manner in which we both make and consume presentations. But is there a way to enhance them even further? PechaKucha might do the trick to speed up and trim down those long-winded presentations that often can lull even the most interested co-worker to sleep. What is PechaKucha? It's a presentation style that was created in Japan by two architects. The duo was in the process of creating an event that would feature 20 different architects making presentations of their work. The event was developed in order to bring attention to the duo's new art space, SuperDeluxe. had to talk for only 20 seconds about each of the 20 slides. Many of the presenters at the first event said it was impossible to condense their work to that restricted window of time. But it worked, and companies and organizations around the globe have adopted the presentation style. Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham, principals at an architecture firm in Tokyo, put their heads together attempting to devise a way in which 20 different people could make presentations in the same evening. They say "architects talk too much," but the duo finally calculated that they could squeeze in 20 presentations if each presenter took only six minutes and 40 seconds. In order to be a successful presenter in this format, one needs the left-brain trait of discipline combined with right-brain creativity. Speed and graphics are essential, but the most important component is the requirement to deliver an effective message in the allotted time. This was additionally restricted to 20 slides, which meant that the presenters 12 The format had such success in the business world that it now has become a unique social event, with more than 700 PechaKucha Nights being held around the world. Dytham and Klein developed a not-for-profit (www. to assist people and organizations who want to host a PechaKucha Night in their city. Presenters display everything from family vacation photos to artwork to wedding cake designs. The one drawback is that PechaKucha doesn't prevent people from giving bad presentations - but they can bore you only for six minutes and 40 seconds. THE FEDERAL CREDIT UNION JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2014

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