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1 00 ROUNDUP OF IDEAS TO INSPIRE AND CHALLENGE S ome of them are simple: Embrace change. Take risks. Some are extremely specific, even unique: Hold a Shred Fest. Some lay out detailed steps. Others are simply about getting you into a thinking mode. They come from all branches of the credit union industry, and from those who advise leaders across all industries. They are inspirational flashes and nutsand-bolts wisdom, and occasionally gentle reminders of the obvious. you need in your own organization. They draw from the strengths that credit unions already possess. There are many affirmations of the credit union mission and culture and appeals to remember the basics and build upon the trust we enjoy. These 100 ideas are meant to serve as seeds to produce the kind of growth As that growth occurs, several directions are mentioned over and over: 16 expanding our member services, connecting with the community in imaginative ways, recognizing things we do every day as growth opportunities, embracing today's digital and mobile tools from the Web to the cloud, from blogs to apps. It's a rich feast of inspiration and challenge. Not all of it will be applicable to everyone, but as you peruse these thoughtful insights, you're sure to have more than one "aha!" moment. And when that happens, growth has already begun. THE FEDERAL CREDIT UNION MARCH-APRIL 2014

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The Federal Credit Union March-April 2014