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GETTING TO KNOW ... Bob MacGregor President / CEO Credit Union West Glendale, Ariz. Bob MacGregor has been president and CEO for five years. He works hard to enhance the quality of members' lives and continually strives to make Credit Union West a great place for his employees to work. Q. Describe your leadership style Q. In what ways do you actively A. I am a tough but fair manager, and A. Our team is constantly looking for and how you developed it. my people know what to expect from me. I always tell my employees that if an issue develops between what is best for the credit union versus what is best for the employee, the credit union wins 100 percent of the time. We all know that without a strong credit union none of us would have a job. I rely heavily on my staff to do the right things. However, they all know that the buck stops with me, so that is their motivation to excel. I used to be a micromanager, but I've learned that people will rise to your expectations, so I expect a great deal from my people, and I get it every day from them. I have tried to develop a culture that rewards excellence, but more importantly, we do not put up with inferior performance. Q. What makes you want to get up and go to work every day? A. I love the credit union purpose, and feel I can help people - members and employees - on a daily basis. Q. What, in your opinion, is "the credit union purpose"? A. The cooperative model was developed by people for people. Depending what stage our members are in in their lives, they have different needs. Some are savers, and some need to borrow. The credit union is simply the facilitator in bringing these two groups together to accomplish their goals. 40 help your members? ways to make it easier to do business with us. This is a challenge in such a highly regulated environment. Also, those members who are experiencing hard times are helped by our Risk Management Department, which provides them with counseling and/or budgeting help. We routinely receive thank-you letters from members who have been helped by our Risk Department. We enhance the quality of life for our members by providing innovative products, such as our "Kasasa" checking account, which allows members using electronic services to benefit from the lower cost of online banking. Q. What new and exciting things are happening in the near future? A. We are expanding and enhancing our electronic services, and we are planning a new branch design to better encompass our move to a more "online" look and feel. We will be moving to a new core processor in early 2015. That change should enhance our capabilities for better electronic services. It is clear that more of our members are embracing electronic services, and we need to encourage that behavior. We now have not only home banking, but also mobile banking, remote deposit capture and true online account opening. We are cross-training all of our front-line staff so that we will no longer have "tellers"; rather, all will be member service officers. We will be redesigning branches to reflect this change. Removal of the traditional teller line in favor of a more private office setting will be one way to accomplish the change in service experience. We plan to use [tablet] devices to provide a better individual experience for our members. Q. Has your credit union received any awards? A. We are proud to have earned a place on the 2013 CareerBuilder Top Companies to Work For in Arizona list. This program recognizes organizations that create quality jobs and work environments and make Arizona a better place for our workforce. Q. What makes Credit Union West such a great place to work? A. We realize that happy employees equal happy members. We have competitive salaries and excellent benefits, and the employees consistently rate us above our peers. Q. What would you suggest people read to better their knowledge of this industry? A. I love to go on other credit union websites and read their history. It provides a unique insight into how that particular credit union evolved. The cool thing about our industry is the individual stories about how each of us got started. THE FEDERAL CREDIT UNION MARCH-APRIL 2014

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