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GETTING TO KNOW ... Don Carden President and CEO Coosa Pines Federal Credit Union Childersburg, Ala. Don Carden has worked at Coosa Pines for 12 years in various roles. As CEO, he is accountable - to some extent - for everything that happens at Coosa Pines FCU. His management team works closely together to ensure they have solid internal controls for employee accountability and compliance. Q: What is your leadership style, and how did you develop it? A: My leadership style is a combination of my personality and what I've learned from other leaders. I'm naturally outgoing, passionate and energetic. As an avid Alabama football fan, I've learned many lessons by watching Nick Saban [head football coach of the University of Alabama]. Principles such as outwork your competition, pay attention to details, do your job and recruit the best are just a few of the ideas that can be applied to every credit union. I try to learn and improve my skills wherever I can. Q: What makes you want to get up and go to work every day? A: Knowing I can make a positive difference in the lives of members and employees. Nothing is more rewarding than helping people. Q: How has Coosa Pines contributed to the community? A: We do a lot to reach out to the students in our community. We have a member scholarship program, which began in 2011 as three $500 scholarships. It has now grown to 10 $1,000 scholarships. All that's needed to become a member is $5 in an account. We feel it's a great way to get younger people involved in the credit union and to give back to the community. Additionally, Coosa Pines has a good-grade rewards program. We offer a $2 reward for every A earned and $1 for every B 34 per marking period. This has become extremely popular with our members. We'll also be doing our first-ever internship program this summer. Q: Are you involved with any charitable projects? A: Yes, we participate in two commu- nity fundraisers per year: Relay for Life in the spring, an effort to support the American Cancer Society; and Champion for Children's in the fall, a friendly Iron Bowl wager where fans from both Auburn's and Alabama's football teams place their change in tip jars named for their favorite team to raise money for the Children's Hospital of Alabama. Last year, fans raised roughly $1,500, and Coosa Pines matched it to bring the donation total to $3,000. Q: What new and exciting things will be happening in the near future at Coosa Pines? A: Being more convenient for our members is the emphasis for 2014. Instantissue debit cards, a call center and new locations are our leading projects. By utilizing an outsourced call center, we'll make sure each customer will get the attention they need in a timely manner. While members looking to contact a specific credit union employee will still have the chance by entering in their extension, this call center will catch 100 percent of the overflow, ensuring a great member experience. The first of the new locations is an old bank branch purchased from FDIC. The second one, opening soon, is our new main office. About 15 years ago, the main office was ideally placed next to the paper mill, but everything changed. The mill was bought and sold a few times, mill employment declined, and Coosa Pines FCU embraced a community charter. It became obvious that the current office was inconvenient for most members. We were able to purchase a lot in an excellent location for area members. Our new main office is almost complete. Members and employees alike are very excited about the new locations. Q: What would you recommend to people who want to better their knowledge of this industry? A: In my opinion, a good understanding of compliance is essential to being a good manager. When I attended my first compliance school in 2002, I was surprised by how little I knew about it. NAFCU's Compliance School is one of the mustattend conferences for anyone with CEO or management aspirations. Q: What's the best advice you could give your fellow NAFCU members? A: Never stop learning and improving your credit union. I've been in credit unions where the CEO didn't want to change anything. It's impossible to provide the best service to our members without being adaptable. THE FEDERAL CREDIT UNION MAY-JUNE 2014

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