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ee Fr D is a Very Good Price! By Michael G. Mooney id you know that as a pointed them towards the NATA OBP (PPE) your staff should be wearing member of NATA you #15, titled "Thunderstorms." while carrying out the procedure. have access to a free Like all the OBPs, this one is laid OBP #15 "Thunderstorms" has just document that would out in the same logical format and 590 words on two pages. It's short and easily cost tens of thou- begins by explaining the purpose: to the point. You can use it to train sands of dollars if you had to pay a The NATA Member Company has your staff and quickly and easily review consultant to produce it? Not only is it adopted this OBP for the safety of its important information as a thunder- free, but also this document contains employees, customers and guests and storm approaches. information that could save your op- to protect aircraft and assets from eration money and help prevent all the approaching thunderstorms which covering a wide range of topics that are stress and reputational damage caused produce high wind, lightning, and relevant to aviation service providers, by not doing something right. Even rain/hail. even those who do not fuel aircraft. There are a total of 34 NATA OBPs better, you can easily add some details The OBPs can be downloaded from about your own operation to the docu- the NATA website in a Microsoft Word Propeller Handling, Safety Cones, ment and you will have an operations file format. There is a place at the top Securing Aircraft, Aircraft Towing, manual that you can use to train your marked "Your Company Name Here" Whistles for Wing Walkers, Foreign employees and give inspectors who ask so it is easy to make these documents Object Damage (FOD) Prevention, to see your operations manual. your own. Cell Phone / Media Device Use In Some topics include: Circle of Safety, What is this free valuable Next the OBPs state the "policy document? It's called the NATA responsibility," or who is responsible. Maintenance, Fall Protection, Operational Best Practices (OBPs). In the Thunderstorm OBP, it states: Equipment Safety Checks, Wearing The OBPs were developed by industry Winds should be monitored by (a 0f Reflective Gear, Hangar Towing experts. These recommendations pro- specific person) as delegated by the and Stacking, and Ground De-Icing vide best practice guidance; however, Chief Executive, General Manager, Anti-Icing. each FBO must add the specifics and Line Supervisor, Shift Supervisor (as clear guidance with procedures appli- applicable). cable to its own operation and associ- The OBP continues by explaining Working Areas, Refueler Preventive If you have staff currently servicing aircraft do you think your customers should be able to ask you to ated risks to turn this document into the company policy: The Company produce a manual that clearly states your own Operations Manual. shall adhere to the following proce- how your company safely performs dure when notified of approaching services on their aircraft? It seems tion recently asked: "What are your thunderstorms and/or when thunder- like a very fair question. The customer recommendations regarding aircraft storm conditions are imminent. could be a concerned GA pilot or an An EPIC FBO Network loca- servicing during a thunderstorm?" My After the purpose and the policy, inspector representing a fractional answer was in the form of a question: OBP #15 lists the actual detailed proce- aircraft operator, an airline, or the "Are you a member of NATA?" When dure you would expect to implement Defense Logistics Agency. It might they answered in the affirmative, I before a thunderstorm followed by even be the airport authority. what Personal Protective Equipment Aviation Business Journal | 4th Quarter 2013 Continued on page 41 39

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