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President's Message A Year In Review A New Leadership Team Puts NATA on Course for Solid Growth BY PAUL SEIDENMAN I t has been more than a year since Tom Hendricks assumed the presidency of NATA and brought in the leadership team to assure NATA's future as a powerful advocate for general aviation in Washington. That has meant not only a change at the top, but also some course corrections which are already making a difference. To understand some of the changes made and some in-the-works under the association's new management, the Aviation Business Journal conducted a series of wide-ranging interviews with NATA President Tom Hendricks, NATA Board Chairman Michael Scheeringa, Vice Chairman Gary Dempsey and Treasurer Marian Epps. Tom Hendricks President and CEO, NATA ABJ: When you became NATA President, what did you we aligned all of our activities with that plan-specifically perceive to be the state of the organization at the time, and the based on a common direction-and a way to measure our primary challenges within the association which required your success. immediate attention? Hendricks: In preparation for taking the job of NATA President, I did a considerable amount of research on NATA, and found that it had a rich history, and serves a vital function on behalf of the general aviation industry within the United States. What I wanted to do was to build on this. But, in doing that, it also meant building on the relationships NATA had with the aviation regulatory agencies, as well as Capitol Hill. I also looked at NATA's organizational structure to make sure it could take us to the next level. I examined NATA's financial foundation, and saw that it had a very strong balance sheet. At the same time, I wanted to see how we could leverage the kind of talent we had recruited. So, I focused on a thorough structural review and planning process after I arrived. From that, our team developed a strategic plan and Aviation Business Journal | 4th Quarter 2013 ABJ: Can you tell me about the objectives of the strategic plan? Hendricks: First of all, we defined the mission and values of NATA, and created a vision for what the association was here to do and what we wanted to achieve. Because I want NATA to be focused on our members, I saw our mission as one that would empower them to become the most successful and the safest aviation businesses. For example, we put together new safety initiatives through the Safety 1st Program and the Air Charter Safety Foundation, and we focused on member advocacy through legislative and regulatory agency engagement. We wanted to increase NATA's presence and profile in Washington, DC, and to Continued on page 8 7

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