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One Testing Program. Less Time. Lower Cost. We Make ENERGY STAR® and Safety Testing a Single, Seamlessly Efficient Process Third-party certification and verification are now ENERGY STAR requirements. CSA International has earned EPA recognition as an ENERGY STAR Testing Facility and Certification Body. That means today we can meet all of your product safety and energy efficiency testing needs with a single, seamlessly efficient testing program that saves you time and money. Look to CSA International to meet ENERGY STAR requirements for a wide range of products including: • Household Appliances • Fuel Burning and Electrical Appliances • Commercial Food Equipment • Information Technology • Consumer Electronics • Lighting Products • HVAC Equipment • Much More! If you prefer to perform testing using your own testing laboratory, we can qualify your lab facilities under our EPA accepted, Witnessed or Supervised Manufacturers’ Testing Laboratory programs, then verify your test results and submit them to the EPA. Contact us today and learn how much time and money a combined safety and energy efficiency testing program with CSA International can save you. 1-866-463-1785 NORTH AMERICA • EUROPE • ASIA Lighting products • Gas & electric appliances • Motors & generators • Solar energy equipment • Electronics & electrical equipment

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NEMA Electroindustry Feb 2011