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Go Big on Innovation
From iconic super buildings to reimagined shipping containers,
trends in building systems increasingly embody analytics,
connectivity, and energy-efficacy technologies.

Low-cost sensors, for example, are behind a new
generation of connected technologies. Connectivity
optimizes building systems through monitoring the
signal strength of connected devices and detecting
radio frequency interference by humans or animals.
This creates a new type of occupancy sensor that can
count building occupants during an emergency, locate
intruders during a break-in, or monitor a nursing home
for problems.

Given that as much as 40 percent of a new building's
energy efficiency is lost within three years from a lack
of proper operation and maintenance, the combination
of sensors, submetering, and computer processing
power has given rise to building analytics that can
identify faults and rapidly diagnose problems, thereby
saving time, energy, and money.
In the examples provided by NEMA member
companies on pages 10 through 16, we look inside
building systems to see legacy products (e.g., contact
switches), new technologies (e.g., sensors), and
techniques (e.g., building analytics) that work together
to achieve high performance and sustainability. ei

Boltswitch, Inc.
New York, New York

* One World Trade Center design
requirements specified bolted-pressure
contact switches (UL 977 listed) for the
high-ampacity service equipment and
subsequent distribution boards.
* At least 150 fusible switches have been
supplied to World Trade Center projects
so far.
* Specifications were based on the switches'
history of quality, reliability, and
ability to withstand numerous stressful
* Bolted-pressure contact switches
allow for maximum power control
in a minimum space while providing
numerous options for construction and
* Applications include service entrance
equipment, ground fault, and 200,000
ampere-withstand ratings.





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