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Bill Buckson Bids Goodbye

After 12 years of what he called "herding cats" in
NEMA's 1MG, 1IS, and 5FU sections, Bill Buckson
bid his colleagues adieu during a retirement party
in his honor at the NEMA Conference Center.
After a career that spanned work at Hubbell's
Wiring Device and Lighting divisions, CSA,
and the U.S. Navy, he is trading comradery for
country living.
Among those who joined Bill (far left) in a toast
were Mike Leibowitz (who will assume program
management for the Motors and Generators
and Industrial Products and Systems sections),
Christine Shattuck, Maria Northup, Marilyn
Williams, Letitia Thompson, Clark Silcox, Arlethia
Johnson, and Gene Eckhart. Photo by Pat Walsh ei


While I am new to NEMA, and
more recently the High Performance
Buildings Council, I am not new to
the electroindustry.

Before joining NEMA eight months
ago, I worked for more than 25 years
in developing and harmonizing
electrical code and standards within
the Council for Harmonization of
Electrotechnical Standardization
of the Nations of the Americas
(CANENA) and the International
Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)
forums. I also consulted on electrical
Suzanne Alfano, Industry Director, NEMA
safety and most recently worked for
our sister trade association to the north, Electro-Federation Canada.
I have a passion for this industry and the good work we collectively
do. It creates value for members and the industry at large. By working
together, we develop and advocate industry positions; liaise with
the government; create standards, guides, and white papers to
promote member products and services; and facilitate meetings and
networking events.
The adage that all boats rise in the same ocean applies to an industry
association, especially if you consider that we live in challenging
times. Together, we identify and tackle tough issues that are
important to member companies, whether they be domestic, regional,
or global. I am pleased to be at the forefront of that effort with NEMA
and our members at the helm. ei

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3:

A high-performing building should protect its occupants from accidents and
injuries in the areas of energy efficiency, safety, occupant productivity, sustainability,
and resiliency.
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Looking Ahead for Building Systems
Adding Value through ESPCs
Energy Benchmarking Equals Energy Savings
Case Studies: NEMA Members Go Big on Innovation
Shining a Light on PV Wire
Code & Standards
Business Analytics
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