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phenomenal youth interview with Brook and Kenzie Clasby B rooklyn is 7 years old and has pulmonary hypertension. Her sister, Kenzie, came along for her PH checkup at Seattle Children's Hospital recently. We asked the girls about their experiences. Brooklyn, who is 7, talks about bringing her sister along. How did you feel about Kenzie coming along to your checkup? I felt excited to have my sister come along. I wanted her to meet all my favorite nurses and doctors, and I was really excited to put all my EKG stickers on her. Was there anything you especially wanted Kenzie to understand better about your PH? Did her visit help that? I really wanted Kenzie to understand more about everything I have to go through when I go to the doctor. She got to see all the tests that I have to do, so now she knows what I am talking about. What would you like to tell other kids who are living with PH? I would like to tell other kids with PH to never stop trying to do the things they love. Even though I am not able to run, I find happiness in doing other activities like rock climbing, playing golf and drawing. Kenzie, who is 9, shares what it was like to go to her sister's checkup. Brook (right) and her sister Kenzie at Brook's checkup Why did you decide to go with your sister for her PH checkup? I wanted to go to Brook's clinic appointment because I have never been before. I always feel worried about her. I wanted to understand more about the tests she has to do when she goes there. What did you learn about PH by visiting the clinic? I learned how busy clinic days are. Brook went from one test to another to another. They look at so many different things. What was the most interesting part of the day? I thought the most interesting part of the day was her ECHO. I was amazed to see her heart up on a screen. I also liked watching her do her exercise test. Was there anything you didn't understand before that you do now because of your visit? Before my visit to the clinic, I was always afraid that Brook and my parents were going to go to the hospital and not come home for a long time. Now I understand that clinic visits are just to check on how Brook is doing and aren't always an emergency. Interview continued on next page PATHLIGHT SPRING 2014 Patient-to-Patient Support Line: 1-800-748-7274 41

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