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A newsletter of the Pulmonary Hypertension Association 0 Spring 2015 0 Volume 24 No. 2 PATHLIGHT PERSISTENT VOICES INSIDE! HIGHL IGHTS PHenomenal Lives 4 Pathlight Redesign 4 Dealing with Grief 6 Health Matters 8 Ask a PH Specialist 8 Helpful Hints 13 Research Corner 14 Advancing the Cause 15 Support Groups 24 Special Events 26 Chapter Happenings 29 Persistent Voices 33 Community Classroom 35 Tips for Everyday Living 36 PHenomenal Youth 38 Family PHocus 39 myPHA: Fresh Connections for the PH Community T he power of community lies at the center of every PHA initiative - from the organization's inception as a patient support group to the far-reaching programs it runs today. That's why PHA is excited to announce the launch of a new resource that will support, celebrate and empower our community in fresh ways. myPHA, our new social network exclusively for members of the PH community, has been designed by PHA to best serve you. Experience a website with cutting-edge features, all customized to you and your connection to pulmonary hypertension. Read more about what myPHA can offer you, and visit to sign up today! GET CONNECTED Our vision for myPHA is to create a virtual home for all members of the PH community to gather and interact. Too often, the rarity of PH has meant that someone may go years without meeting another patient or caregiver. With myPHA, we hope to create many more connections within our community so that no one is alone in his or her journey. There's strength in numbers, and the more people who join myPHA, the more empowered our community will be to share knowledge, news and support. myPHA will connect you to PHriends, or other members of the site, who share your experiences and may even live in your neighborhood! Without displaying anyone's address, the site can highlight members who live nearby so that those interested in finding PHers in their area can do so easily. The site also hosts Forums, or discussion boards, that are open to all members of myPHA. These forums provide a space for the whole community to come together to trade tips, ask questions or share their experiences. Join in on these site-wide discussions and be a part of our growing online community! MYPHA CONTINUED ON PAGE 35

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PHA Pathlight Spring 2015