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PASSAGES & AWARENESS P assages is PHA's way of honoring those who have lost their battle with PH, as it has been since the very first Pathlight was published in May 1990. As we learn of patients' passing, we inform the PH community. PHA extends sympathy to the families and friends of those who are gone but not forgotten; each Pathlight is dedicated to their memory. Sara Alvarez Joy M. Herring Janet S. Mowery Lulu M. Ayala Brenda Hipkins Constance H. Nichols Leslie Bailey Londyn H. Hockenberry Kenneth N. Pettie Gloria Balderas Barbara Horacek Kelly K. Poplar Janice Brooks Kim Hughes Joel Remias William M. Chase Melinda Huisingh Gerald Robbins Julia K. Christy Carolyn R. Husemann Harris Schlesinger Joan Clements Daniel Jackson Noreen Schmidt Jeffrey J. Conarko Ginger L. Kahler Irene W. Schonberger Wilma Conwell Pamela Kelley Cynthia P. Scialabba Judith K. Cooley Brian Kelly Jacques Sicard Judy M. Cottom Nancy Kelm Valerie A. Stamper Daisy Daniels Heather Kirkland Gary F. Stratmann Michael Dinkes Charles H. Kolbeck Tracey Sumner Eugene Ettlinger Joan Lambert William P. Thomas Patricia T. Favors William LeMay Patrick Thompson Melissa Ferolito Raymond Levitsky Gary Tipton Claudia Fierro Christina F. Locricchio Carole J. Travis Lois J. Fish Diana M. Lopez Philippa J. Walton Matthew Gable London Lotarski Eileen J. Wangler Daniel Gagnon Nancy Marsalli Karen L. Ward Gerald Gall Edna P. May Roberta Waters Edith Goodman Janice McBreen Carmiletta Wiggins Dale Gurnell Barbara A. McClory Anna M. Wilson Dortha M. Hahn George H. McGee Ann F. Woodall Betty Jane D. Hall Marian T. Mercer Jeffrey Yarbrough Nora Hall Nedra D. Merker Sally Zealor Mary Lee Haugen John Mortensen The accuracy of this list is very important to us. Please contact the PHA office at 301-565-3004 x746 or to have a recently deceased loved one's name listed in Passages or to report errors or omissions. PHA is grateful to all of our generous donors. To be good stewards of your donations, PHA has moved the donation lists from Pathlight to a new online format at Your donations in memory of others, in honor of others and in support of our mission mean so much to the entire PH community, and we thank you. 48 PATHLIGHT // SUMMER 2016 PHA'S LEGACY OF HOPE To honor those who have included PHA in their estate plans or whose legacies have been realized, PHA created the Legacy of Hope Society. PHA is pleased to recognize the following members. Laura and Rino Aldrighetti Ann Arnott* Sandra Alt Awood* Dauna Leigh Bauer* Sylvia Marie Becherer* Joan F. Bennett-Schenecker Kris L. Best Gloria G. Blodgett* Dorothy E. Bradley Roberta F. Browning* and Lee Broadbent Rita and Bruce Brundage Colleen Brunetti Jane P.* and Harold P. Cooper Shawn & Colleen Connor James F. Corbett* Laura Hoyt D'Anna, DrPH Charles W. DeVier, III* Linda M. Feibel* Barbara Gamer Stacey Gausling, OT Franklin D. Gillespie* Martha Gonzalez Tammy* and Dean Hazen Carl Hicks Jr. Mary Jan Hicks Phyllis M. Hill* Jacquelyn Holt Richard L. Horrocks Laura J. Kelly* Jessie Kohler Wenninger Terri L. Kopp* Mitchell Koppelman Harry J. Krokus, Jr.* Bob* and Dee Kruger Gloria Lang* Ron and Marie Levendoski Thomas and Mary Jo Linnen Sally Maddox Bonnie and Michael McGoon Charles Edward McKerley* Joseph W. Mihuc* Linda Miles Larry D. Moody Karen Moody Pamela R. Morris Marjorie D. Mott* Joyce L. Mowrer* Dorothy* and Harry Olson* Rita and Guy Orth Pat and Jerry Paton John and Cynthia Pickles Jean D. Pitcher* Carol Posner* and Marc Priore Frances A. Price Diane Ramirez Harry and Diane Rozakis Louise and Gene Salvucci Judy and Ed Simpson Kelley Skumautz Marcia and Jack Stibbs Helena Strauch* Doug Taylor Frank A. Tobac* Torres-Gonzalez Family Deborah and Roger Towle Carol B. Ungar Daniel R. Walsh* Shirley Gail Weaver* Andrea and Stephen White *deceased members

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Message from the Chair
Message from the SLC Chair
Quick Takes
PHenomenal Lives
Family PHocus
A Day in the Life of a PH Physician
Research Corner
GO PHAR Research
Ask the Expert: Post-PE Monitoring
End-of-Life Conversations: Tough Questions & Important Answers
Lantos Highlight
Conference & Leadership Changes
Chapter News
Advocacy PHact or PHiction? Test Your Knowledge of PH Advocacy
Calendar of Events
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Pathlight Summer 2016