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QUICKTAKES Bite-sized bits of information and resources for the PH community. Heart2CurePH Ads Making More People Aware of PH and PHA Thanks to the Heart2CurePH campaign, millions more people are familiar with pulmonary hypertension and PHA. That was the goal when PHA created the donated advertising campaign and debuted it during Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Month last November. What PHA did not expect was that in less than a year, the ads would generate more than $34.9 million in donated media within the first six months of the campaign. The free ads have included TV and radio public service commercial time as well as space on transit shelters, buses, billboards, in Times Square and in national magazines. Heart2CurePH delivers messaging aimed at undiagnosed PH patients and prospective PHA supporters. The creative concept, which compares positive heart visuals to a PH patient's echocardiogram image, incorporates insights from PHA member patients, caregivers, medical professionals, board members and donors. Using that input, the creative team tested a number of concepts with consumers who said they frequently support medical causes but had little or no knowledge about PH. "More than 40 percent of this group of consumers found the Heart2CurePH concept the strongest," said Kelly Williams, PHA's VP of Communications and Marketing. "The message and imagery that our creative team developed from the concept are also resonating with the people who decide which nonprofits will get the very limited amount of donated or unpurchased ad space that's available, which is few and far between since we're in an election year." The ads, launched during a four-week, captioned video ad run airing 1,440 times in Times Square, have appeared more than 30 thousand times on national and local TV and radio stations as well as on billboards, transit shelters and in buses in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles. Magazine ads, most of them full-page, have run in The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Golf Digest, Fit Pregnancy, Essence and a number of other major national publications. Community members are also going to Heart2CurePH to share the ads via social media with their friends and family members. The campaign was made possible with 2015 and 2016 funding totaling $225,000 from Actelion, Bayer and Reata. PHA is seeking additional funding to keep the campaign going beyond 2016. Going Social with PHA Living with a rare and invisible illness can be isolating, but social media platforms create a way to connect people with the stories that matter. PHA is bringing more people to the table by live tweeting from conferences and events and sharing breaking news so stakeholders get real time updates. We find patient voices on Facebook that pull us closer together and make our community stronger. And it doesn't end there! Social media played a huge role at the 2016 PHA International PH Conference and Scientific Sessions where 8 PATHLIGHT // SUMMER 2016 attendees posed in front of a step and repeat, shared news from sessions, and talked about their Conference experiences. PHA also hosted a training for community members who want to become social media ambassadors to create awareness about PH. Together, we brought Conference to people in the PH community who couldn't attend. Looking to join the movement? Connect at PulmonaryHypertensionAssociation and on Twitter and Instagram at @PHAssociation.

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