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Better Together.
Introducing MSI's New Predictive
Cost Estimation Tool... powered by
AIRINC. This changes
This powerful new breakthrough tool was developed in conjunction with AIRINC, the leading data
provider within the global talent mobility industry.
It leverages data on costs and living conditions
from over 400 cities worldwide, providing companies with accurate, real-time estimates for mobility
programs, expansion initiatives, and contractual
business projects.
With this tool, companies can manage relocation
budgets, compare costs for multiple individuals,
evaluate policy exception costs, and provide cost
comparisons for business project policies.

Estimate your cost +
tax implications
deploying talent

Users can also fine tune tax calculations according
to their specific parameters; these include
payment methods for individual line items,
applications for foreign tax credits, and the use of
tax treaties or social security totalization agreements. Data can also be captured for ongoing
budget-to-actual reporting and analytics.
The result? Real-time, accurate cost estimates that
companies can leverage to successfully execute
critical plans and initiatives.

To learn more about the cost estimation tool,
please speak to one of our experts (603)274
9100 or email

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