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everyone needs the right tools... ‘‘ ‘‘ Our experience in working with Equiant has been that they employ top level systems and people to manage the all important servicing and collections aspects of our business. Most recently, Equiant introduced Equiant Analytics, which allows us to instantly analyze key performance indicators within our portfolios and custodial documents. These tools are invaluable in today’s portfolio management environment. True to form, Equiant anticipated their client’s concerns and delivered the tools needed. Thomas S. Balames Managing Member, Accelerated Assets, LLC Let us craft a unique solution to your servicing needs... As a potter experiments and works within their medium of clay to create useful and functional pieces of art, you need the ability to do the same with your servicing and marketing data. Through Equiant’s Business Intelligence Tool Set (BITS), you have the ability to create meaningful and directive analysis of your portfolios. Equiant selects and matches the strongest techniques and technologies in the marketplace to create a unique long term servicing and outsourcing solution to support your business needs. Let us provide you with the right tools. Creativity, Spirit and Excellence. To find out how we can create a custom solution that suits all your financial needs, call 800.447.1760 or visit

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September 2010 Developments