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endodontics message board Disaster Case-Hail Mary An endodontist does damage control on a patient experiencing problems with teeth #18 and #31. > Message Boards > Endodontics > Endodontics-The ENDO Files > Disaster Case-Hail Mary LongIslandEndo Member Since: 07/26/10 Post: 1 of 71 Related Message Boards Small Disaster (Not Really) Small Disaster Endo Failure on 97-Year-Old Man Endo Failure Introduction Some dentists are really crappy. Being an endodontist in the northeast I have the pleasure of seeing train wreck cases from time to time, but this one really took the cake. A 19-year-old girl came for a consult three weeks ago regarding 18 and 31. Went to a (nameless) dentist for RCT, PC and crown on both teeth. Patient and her mom were there for the consult. Mom was saying treatment for both teeth took five months and the daughter has been in pain on both sides since. Mom was super ticked and the daughter was just really bummed about the whole situation. Diagnosis for both was previously treated with sap. Daughter and mom knew the prognosis was very guarded due to the horrific damage that was done. X-rays below are of 31. I am starting 18 next week, which is just as bad but there doesn't appear to be a perf. They requested that anything be done to try and hold onto the teeth for as long as we can. First appointment: Access, had to use Ultrasonics to get out fiber post, removed GPC and S canals to F3 on distal, and F2 on mesials. He missed the ML canal. Perforation was present on pulpal floor. Pretty small actually and looks a lot worse on the X-ray then it does clinically. Caoh placed for two weeks. Fiber post was a bear to get out. Appointment 2: Patient was asymptomatic. She was thrilled she was finally able to chew on one side! MTA with gelfoam placed. Obtuated with warm vertical and roths sealer. Pre-op: Open margins on crown, large fiber post in distal, distal GP short and thin, mesial canals...not really sure what he was thinking. MAP Post-op Slightly off-angle getting that fiber post out. I will be following up next appointment to make sure the MTA is set. Conclusion It's dentists like this that give us all a bad name. The mom was furious and wanted to sue the dentist. I talked her off the ledge and soothed the situation as best I could. ■ JUL 14 2015 Continued on p. 28 26 NOVEMBER 2015 //

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