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Backyard Dogs By Marquand Cheek 1 2 9 6 3 11 3 3 7 3 11 4 4 10 1 4 1 5 1 10 2 2 10 2 8 11 5 8 5 8 9 7 This month’s “Backyard Dogs” work borrows part of its configuration from the 2012 FCI Agility World Championships Individual Medium Jumping course. There are opportunities to practice landing-side front crosses, 270° turns, threadles, and even some back-side jump approaches. Figure 1: Although #1-#3 is a simple 180° turn, look for ways to keep it quick and efficient by having your dog jump the inside third of bars #1 and #2. Ensure your shoulders are in line with jump #2 as your dog engages the jump to reduce the temptation of #7. A landing-side front cross after #5 should be more successful than a reverse flow pivot. For the 270° turn from #7 to #8, keep your shoulders and feet perpendicular to #8 until the dog’s head is on the approach side 8 9 6 of jump #8. With the added difficulty of negotiating back-side jump approaches, it’s a good idea to add a verbal cue to provide more information to your dog: Back, Around, or Push are some words that can be used. After #8, you can pull the dog into the tunnel at #9 or possibly get in another landing-side front cross. Any cross can be used after the tunnel for #10-#11, (front, rear, or blind). Figure 2: Make eye contact over your left shoulder with your arm extended back and pick up your dog quickly at the tunnel exit. Your goal is to minimize lost yardage and to present an efficient line over the #4 jump and into the weave poles. Keep the dog on your left through #8, then do a landing-side front cross to approach #9. Continue to rotate your 7 6 shoulders left at jump #9 with a slight deceleration to keep the dog off the poles and to announce the turn to the #10-#11 line. Allow the dog to beat you slightly to #10 so a pull to the left end of the tunnel makes sense to your partner. Figure 3: Use the same opening with the dog on the right for #1-#2, then do a landing-side front cross to #3. Your dog will now be on the left all the way to #9. There is a back-side approach to #9, so keep your dog on the right lead for #7#9. Call your dog crisply after #8 as the dog will see jumps #1 and #2 to the left. Send your dog to the back of #9 as you do another landing-side front cross, then drive to #10-#11. Strive to be at least even with your dog at jump #10 to ensure the right tunnel entrance is taken. Clean Run | March 13

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Clean Run - March 2013
Editorializing: Would You Treat a Dog Like That?
Tip of the Month
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Backyard Dogs
Knowledge Equals Speed! Teaching Verbal Directional Commands, Part 1
Power Paws Drills: Gnarly Rears
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Clean Run - March 2013